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New release – Honee-B, Fun with Cherry Blossom [Limited 80 sets]

May 26, 2011

    1. Hello friends,:) I’m Honee – B. I am glad to tell you ……
      My new doll set, “Honee-B, Fun with Cherry Blossom” is available now!!:lol:

      You know, I love talking to trees and playing with bugs in my backyard. And I like Sakura and its pure pink color. This is a story about me and my Sakura tree.
      Click my picture below to read the whole story! :aheartbea


      In this set, you will have a Honee-B (Doll), Wig, Pinky Jumpsuits, White Fur Jacket, Boots, Waist Bag & Hair Band. Also, there is a limited edition postcard, especially for this set. You should have it!

      I hope you are interested to play with me. ;)
      Thank you very much.

      If you have any question or want to make order, feel free to contact us by e-mail info@rubyredbjd.com or purchase from our website directly www.rubyredbjd.com