Event New Release Doll & Event From [FairyLand]

Jul 5, 2017

    1. Hello Everyone
      New Release information of Popular Maker with Fantastic Dolls “Fairy Land”
      Famous Toki and Coco are appeared as Limited Term.
      And also, an event is hold.
      You can get give a way gift with certain amount purchase within the period.
      Please meet the dolls in reasonable way!
      The will be hold until Thursday, August 10!
      For More Info About Event Here give a way gift

      New Release


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    2. Also they release new feeple65 here
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    3. Iam new to Fairland collecting, how often do they release new special sets/ have event sales?
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    4. You'll probably have better luck asking this in Newbieland or Ordering/Shipping Q&A, since this is just an announcement forum. But Fairyland tends to do fancy limited every few months.