Event [New] Release of new line, BonBon Harmony's Bonny with 2+1 event !

Feb 14, 2017

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      [Event] Release event for BonBon Harmony 'Bonny'

      Hello, This is Little Monica.:)

      We are pleased to announce 2+1 event for launching of BonBon Harmony line.
      You can find this 2+1 event information at either Event category or BonBon Harmony.

      EVENT : If you purchase 2 of Bonny, we will give a free bonus bonny

      EVENT Period : 14th Feb 2017 ~ 14th Mar 2017 (Tue) P.M 4:00(KST)
      Attention : It is possible with early closure due to Limited 150 pair of bonny

      BonBon Harmony will be sold as our basic product after of this event.
      I wish this new doll is being loved continuously.

      Thank a lot.

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