Limited Items [NEW] Release of special Harmony "Sweet Irin" and special outfit ‘The Last of Forbidden Clan’ !

Apr 14, 2020

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      Hello, This is Littlemonica. :)

      Today Sweet Irin type is newly released which is custom version of Irin.
      This sweet Irin type is just period limited product, and ordering head part only is possible.

      And “The Last of Forbidden Clan” is also released along with “Sweet Irin”.
      This outfit is collaborated with RY, and can be ordered either it only or along with “Sweet Irin”.

      Please kindly note that this outfit is limited in certain period along with
      “Sweet Irin“. This outfit is compatible to Little girl body.

      This outfit is advanced ordered product, and lead time of this collaborated
      outfit is 60~70 working days like that of limited product.
      This requires a lot of hand work having its beauty.
      We look forward to have your interest and love for these.

      Limited period: 16:00 14 April 2020 ~ 18:00 8 May 2020 KST

      We are pleased to have Sweet Irin full doll 10% discount in congratulating its release.
      This discount is possible in two weeks only, and later its price would be return to the normal one.
      (Please note that outfit and head parts are not discounted).

      Full doll discount period: 16:00 14 April 2020 ~ 16:00 28 April 2020 KST

      Thank you.
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