ReRelease [NEW] Release of special Honey Harmony ‘Pinocchio Audrey’, ‘Action parts’ along with 10% off of ful

Apr 1, 2019

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      Hello~ This is LittleMonica!
      Today we are pleased to release
      ① ‘Pinocchio Audrey’ head having short ears than the characteristic of Basic Honey Harmony ‘Audrey’ as long nose,
      ② ‘Action parts’
      ③ ‘Pinocchio Action parts’.

      We look forward your interesting to ‘Action parts’ what has the attraction like a drawing paper.

      Period : 2019. 04. 01 16:00 ~ 2019. 04. 22 18:00 (KST)

      Since ‘Pinochhio Audrey’ are sold as special part, head part only is also sold, too.
      To celebrate this release, we are pleased to provide 10% discount event for full doll.

      We also start to get advance ordering for Audrey’s outfit ‘Pinocchio Syndrome’.

      * ‘Action parts’ is just for Audrey head only. This is difficult to be applied to other heads.

      [Notice] Event on ‘April fools’ to celebrate the release of ‘Pinocchio Audrey’

      On this April fools in 2019, mischievous boy Audrey comes to Little Monica.
      There are some spots in difference over the photo what mischievous Audrey enjoys his picnic.
      You could join to this event by putting the puzzle numbers in difference to the comments of this posting (Total 3 spots in difference).
      We will choose 4 winners in a lottery from customers who finds exactly all of difference spots hid by Audrey. Winners will get free Audrey head.

      We look forward your participation to this wonderful event.

      ▶ Link for event ‘Spot difference’ {Click}

      Thank you.
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    2. I am locking this thread while the Moderation team discusses the Audrey Pinocchio head for topicality.
    3. Pinoccio Audrey is not an on-topic head, but may be shared, discussed, and sold, as a prop or accessory.
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