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[ New Released 2005 Christmas Soah - Elfdoll Website Exclusive LE20 ]

Dec 1, 2005

    1. [ New Released 2005 Christmas Soah - Elfdoll Website Exclusive LE20 ]

      There is our Super Limited Webshop Exclusive Soah.
      She is Elfdoll & Rainman's Chiristmas Gift for you.
      Please do not hesitate over.. Just catch her now!!





      - Elfdoll Website Exclusive Chirstmas Soah Limited Edition of 20 -

      Sculpted by RAINMAN

      Doll Type : SOAH
      Height : 60cm
      Skin Type : Snow Skin (White)
      Chest Part : 3-part Large Bust
      Eyes: 16mm Glass Eyes (Ramdom in Color))
      Wig : black short wave
      Faceup : SOOM
      Outfit : Hat + Dress + Petticoat
      Included Parts : Fist hands
      Included Items : Doll Box + Christal 'Certificate of Authenticity' + Christmast Card signed by Rainman

      1. The doll is fullset that includes Faceup, Eyes, Wigs and Outfit.
      2. The doll will be released on 21th December.

      If you hope to catch her, you should rush to www.elfdoll.com
      Do not miss her....
    2. OH-MY-GOD!

      I was going to order a basic Soah, but I glad I waited. :D:D
    3. Oh wow Soah is amazing, and this Soah is just beautiful as well.
    4. Soah is so beautiful I love mine:

    5. OMH, she is sooooooooo lovely!! I love the white skin and red lips.

      She is the one you used for the Geisha photos, no?
    6. OMG she`s the first girl I see that I go... I WANT... but no dolly money.... She is a beauty though
    7. Awwww!!!
      I want her so bad.. But no money, either.
      ;.; Makes me so sad... I can barely get my grandma to spend $500 on a standard edition doll, much less anything on a limited..