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[ New Released 2005 Christmas Tinies Gift Set with ELFDOLL ]

Nov 22, 2005

    1. [​IMG]

      [ New Released 2005 Christmas Tinies Gift Set with ELFDOLL ]

      Hi, everyone.
      We hope to share our New Released 2005 Christmas Tinies Gift Set with you.

      Please this link address...

      They are so ultra limited item of ELFDOLL.

      ---> Description with New Released 2005 Christmas Tinies Gift Set

      Sculpted by Rainman
      Photography by Oka
      Costume by Olive
      Rainman's Gift: Bench, Snowy display base, Snow for display

      Doll Type: Wendy & Winky
      Height: 14cm
      Skin Type: Normal Skin
      Body Type: Wendy (2-part body), Winky (single part body)
      Eyes: 6mm Arcrylic eyes (Random in color)
      Faceup by LIBI

      Outfit for Wendy: Coat + Top + Check Skirt
      Outfir for Winky: 2 piece Top + Pants + Cap
      Body Parts for Wendy: Boots part painted in black + Flat hands
      Body Parts for Winky: Mary-Jane part painted in black + Fist hands
      Included Parts: Flat feet + Calve + Flat hands + Fist hands
      Other Items included: Doll Box + Satin Pillow

      Height: 14cm
      Circumference of Head: 7.5cm
      Length of Legs(end of tummy to feet): 6.2cm
      Length of Arms(shoulders to wrist): 3.2cm
      Circumference of Waist(8.3cm from ground): 3.7cm
      Width of Shoulders: 2.5cm
      Circumference of Bust: 5.6cm

      1. Doll comes as shown (random eye color) in box with protective pillows.
      2. The color in the image could look slightly different from the actual product.
      3. The dolls are produced by order that might take 15-20 days to be shipped since confirmation of payment.
      4. All parting line are removed.

      ****Should you more questions, email our webmaster, elfdoll_eng@elfdoll.com
    2. Oh I just love X-mas Dolls!!! They are so cute!!!
    3. OMG Ack wow Winky! Winking dolls rock. They are so cute!