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New Ru fairy at Tensiya!

Aug 7, 2005

    1. Heya guys :daisy

      I don't know if this has been posted yet, but in Tensiya's Tenshi No Kakera section there are 3 new posts of a new Dollshe girl doll :D . She's sooooo cute! Her name is Ru and she is 26cm tall. I love how she's calling Hound her Dadda without his consent :grin:
    2. Wow, those pictures are unfairly adorable! ;_;
    3. OHGODOHGODOHGOD :crushed
      :D I love her :D
      Just not enough cash to go around :crushed
    4. SO CUTE~~~~~~~~ WAH!!! I want to buy her*_*
      I really luv her face up too^_^ :D
    5. Almost too precious for words. Thanks for posting the direct links to the pix, Musesick, because I couldn't find them on the site.

    6. Am I missing something obvious? Is she for sale yet, and if so, how much is she?

      LOVE the pictures -- that's an impish grin if I've ever seen one!!!

      -- Andi (broke, but I can dream!)
    7. Ru is a darling..

      and ohmygosh those BOOTS!

      OK, those boots rock. Want the boots....want the boots muchly...
    8. i don't need her..i DON't ...awwwww she's soo cute.
    9. Kawai!! Especially the one Ru calling Papa :D
    10. She is extremely cute, but I can't find any more pictures of her on the site...?
    11. You can find more pictures by going to the front page, then click on "tenshi no kakera" then scroll all the way down, and cllick on "list" at the lower right hand side. This will show all of Anu's entries. :daisy hope this helps.
    12. Thanks! Those were great pictures. Yay! :D

    13. :D *tickles the cute little Ru* she is so lovely and quite a temptation. Actually I plan to buy her later this fall since she is unlimited. Need to hold out for Bermann . . .
    15. She is adoreable.
      I'm glad I'm not so tempted by tinies. They're so adoreable, and plentiful.. :o
    16. i think she is $230.00 and can wear most of the clothes of barbie sized dolls according to the site: http://tensiya.com/product_img/img_content/2005-08-26-19-39-29.jpg
    17. Okay, perhaps I'm an idiot......

      Is there a link to actually *buy* her? I've been to the site several times since she was supposed to be available, but I click on everything and nothing leads me to an order form. My assumption is that she's still not for sale yet. Am I missing something?
    18. from the main page go to Dollshe Doll on the left hand side -- click on Hound Doll and she is at the bottom. When you click on her there is an option to add her to the cart so I assume that means she is for sale

      Hope that helps!
    19. Thank you, thank you!!! Off to order Ru......... :)