ReRelease [New] Scheduled re-release of special harmony Innocent Sophia, Innocent Enrill, Gloomy Sophia

Nov 29, 2019

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      Hello~ This is Little Monica. :)

      In the voting on our 11th anniversary event, Innocent Sophia, Innocent Enrill type had gotten highest number. Therefore these are going to be released again with new concepts.

      We also plan to release again Gloomy Sophia as the limited product on this winter season.
      This limited product can be purchased along with wig, shoes, outfit.

      These products will be unveiled on 3 December, starting date of Winter discount event.

      All of these re-released products can be purchased with 2019 special skins what we are now selling.

      We look forward to have your love and interests for these wonderful products.

      [Info] Upcoming Winter discount !


      On this coming 3 December, winter discount event what most people have waited is finally started.

      We are pleased to release Innocent Sophia, Innocent Enrill who have the highest voting on our 11th anniversary event. Our new skins can be applied at the discounted rate.

      On this Winter discount event, head part/body parts/full doll are applied its discount.
      Hand/foot part can not get discounted rate.

      Please refer to details over our Notice on 3 December.

      We look forward to have your interest and love for these wonderful products.

      Thank you.

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