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New sculpt, Vasha!

Apr 14, 2007

    1. [​IMG]




      Hey guys! Vasha is the second head I've released for my Dark Castle Dolls.

      Wig: 7-8
      Eyes: 12-14mm
      Shoes: 9.5 poshdoll's boots fit really well
      Skin Tones: Natural(shown) or Pale or Blue

      Full doll is $570 and includes fur wig and random glass eyes
      $120 for head alone, no eyes or wig included

      All the vasha heads have a small scar beside their left(our right) ear. It's part of the mold and can't be helped. Some dolls may have bubbles around the head cap or at the end of joints, (however please be aware that the body he's shown on has not been cleaned and is imperfect).

      I'll try to get some blue and some pale examples up soon! thank you! Please PM me or email me to order!
    2. Will you be posting the head in blue here? I'm amazed at the fact you already have another head done.

      Go Bats!:fangirl:

    3. I will post as soon as I have examples of them in the different colors! At the moment my apartment building is being very underhanded and is showing my apartment tomorrow(My lease runs out in AUGUST! :x ), so I cannot cast all day tomorrow. :{
    4. Is the body he's pictured on the skinnier one or the thicker one? (It looks like the second body...?)