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New SD Clothing and wig from VOLKS

Jun 24, 2005

    1. I went to the volks shop in Akihambra today and saw all of the clothing that will be released tomorrow. Its a lot of gathered dresses. Very basic dress down lolita-ish summer stuff . Not much frill or detail. There is a calico dress that has some cute buttons down the front. Its available in MSD and SD size. As far as volks prices go, these dresses are little overpriced, in my opinion. Most are running around 3,995^4,500.

      The boy stuff is stunning. Great suits, smart lines. I cant really describe it well

      I:ve seen the new wig. It:s wavy just got out of the shower 'wet style' and comes in blonde/brown. Very very nice wig. The quality you would expect from volks 4,200.
    2. Would you say it's similar to the default Heath wig?

      New suits, eeee, great news :D
    3. No. It:s a girls wig. Its about bum length and looks like there is gel in it, but in that great sculptured way. You will love the new boy stuff. It:s hot hot hot! I might go to a volks store in Harijuku today so i will let you know what else i see ...