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New SD sized Domadoll girls Assi, Nanan, Goni & Geul!

Apr 30, 2007

    1. I think she looks good. I'm just wondering what size. Treelore said SD. If so, I may be in trouble.
    2. I know just what you mean!!!
      I adore my Kkotmu girl to bits ^_^

    3. what is her size@@? i don't see any details about her in the website@@""
      she looks so lovely~~~~////
    4. Heh! That's probably why nobody had started a discussion thread yet.
      It's all Treelore's fault!!

      No seriously, I looked at the pics, the wig fibers, the eyes, the boots, the fabric in the clothes and came to the conclusion (however wrong I may yet prove to be) that she was most likely SD sized.

      Soo... I decided to post here even in my lack of certitude. Heh. The mods can always move this later...!

    5. I sort of assumed she would be MSD since Kkotmu etc are tinies. I thought it would be such a bid jump otherwise. But I may be wrong! :lol:

      Anyway, she is gorgeous! I was just on the Domadoll site on my way to order a Kkotmu when I saw Assi. Now I don't know what to do, because I want them both. *_* I wish they would put up more info, like a date and perhaps the size of the doll!
    6. Oh No bank account ... she really is cute, like a grown up Kkotmu. I love her dolls and will probably end up with one
    7. The maker told me about her about a month ago and said she was SD sized. So its official from the makers lips, not something I pulled out of my butt ;) feeling rather sassy today.
    8. Bow down to the mighty Treelore! :wiggle

      It's exciting news! I'm just scared she's going to be "too" expensive for me. I would also love to see her naked...I mean nude, the body...I would like to see what the body looks like! :blush
    9. Yay thats the spirit :)

      Doma does tend to price the dolls on the high side I remember the pricing of the smaller ones seemed to match the first ever auction on YJ of her horse type one. So it was higher than many wanted to pay. Of course people that loved her eventually bought her. Because I think she is a one person shop it does take her allot of time to create one I would think.

      As an SD I think she should be in the 700.00 range, I know doma is actually a member here! so maybe she will come on and comment when she sees this thread.
    10. Yeah a blank Kkotmu human girl is almost 400.00, the horsey bits are about 175.00 by themselves I think... so yeah... I was wondering how much she'd be wanting for this SD sized girl too.

      I can't wait to see more pics too. I love her concept for Kkotmu and the other tinies... I'm surprised to see her going the "I am a model" route for her big girl. :-P

    11. oh wow! i like her!!
    12. Yay! More resinated Domado goodness :)

      I am a total fan. This looks *very* exciting.
    13. I was so hoping she'd be MSD-sized. She would've been perfect for one of my characters, but that character is supposed to be the older sister of my Day... Who's a Domadoll Kkotmu and thus tiny-sized. They just wouldn't look in proportion to each other!:...(
    14. Is there another way to see the Domadoll website? The only thing I can see when I go there is a blank page and a very intriguing slide show.

      I really think Assi is gorgeous. What I am trying to find out is how Domadoll operates. Will this doll be available for some time or, will it be a limited run?

      Funds are already allocated for some time plus, I would like to see pictures of the smaller doll some of you are talking about. I am more partial to the 1/4 size dolls.
    15. Doma is famous for her Centaur girl, Kkotmu, who was her first doll. Kkotmu and her siblings are vaguely YoSD sized (30cm) but have the proportions of a 1/4 sized doll.

      It's a surprise to see that she's going to make a substantial leap size wise, but hey why not? There's no law that says you have to progress upward one size at a time ^_~

      Kkotmu and siblings aren't limiteds, so if she does Assi the same way, there'll be Assi (and her sisters?) for some time yet.

    16. When you get to the site you should see 2 "panes", one to the left that is the main site and one to the right with a preview of Assi.

      I was originally going to buy Kkotmu human, but when I asked about her there was a reply saying she's no longer available. :( So maybe Domadoll is focusing on the bigger dolls now?
    17. She' soo beautiful :D
    18. I am clicking on the left panel, toveb.

      The response I get is a page that is literally labeled "Blank Page".

      Is there a link to the rest of the site? I think that one is broken.

      I remember seeing the centaurette dolls. I thought they were wonderful and creative. I'm sure I found them at that site. I just don't seem to be able to make it work for me now.
    19. HOMG!!! No more Kkotmu?! I wonder about the others... :-O