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new secretdoll babyfairy

Feb 18, 2010

    1. are they on the old baby body ?
      I rather like them ...not sure Esme and Alice would take to another Secretdoll with them ..they are a little territorial LOL
      but I like them
    2. yes they look like they are on the old baby body's only the face is based a little on the person dollies...They are cute, but I didn't like the posing of the body's so I won't buy one...but it just might happen that I want to buy next year:)
    3. They are adorable! More temptation!
    4. my newer baby is much better than my old girl ..the old girl flops at the ankels ..were as the new one the ankle joints are solid and its much better

      if one comes my way ..I wont say no ..but I have just majoryly Lati`d out
      replaceing the ones I had to sell last year :)

      and I have my Thistledown to think about comming up ..but maybe later in the year :)
    5. I do want one. I also want Root. How wonderful are they
    6. Is anyone else getting this one? I always liked the other babyfairies but this one is my absolute favourite. I love that she is more mature looking, and I'm totally getting her the beret and pink leotard outfit to go with it. It reminds me of something Roisin Murphy would wear :D