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New Sharmin/MSD Outfit @ CheerydollUSA

Jun 9, 2005

    1. Cheerydoll is going to make me go broke!!!! 0_o

      Anyhow, I noticed there was a sweet new sharmin/msd outfit for sale on their site. I own three cheerydoll outfits and I :D them! I highly recommend Cheerydoll. Highly highly highly!


      Specific links:


      MSD Girl

      Also, if you're looking for Cutie Delf/Petite Ai clothes...

      Click here

      I'm off to window shop!

      :D :D :D
    2. I know! I love the clothes cheerydoll makes, I already have things on the way from them. I really wish I had a bigger doll so I could order more!
    3. Yes! Order more! hehe!
      They are great clothes, aren't they? I am anxious to see the Sharmin/MSD summertime set. It looks darling. I just saw the denim set for Petite's today and boy is it cute!!!
      So tiny and sweet.
      AeKyoung does a fabulous job!