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New ShinyDoll Kiki

Oct 4, 2007

    1. oh I wasn,t sure if she was a tiny or a MSD. =) She's cute!
    2. She's a tiny 29cm ;)
    3. She is very cute Aree!
    4. Oh dear ....another one this size I like
      that Roondoll , Castle Anne and now this one sigh
    5. I really liked hisSD sized Akali sculpt and this one reminds me of a smaller version. It is so tempting but really has to go on dolly diet with the new baby coming :lol:

      Doi Shin posted some yosd tops can fit her
    6. hugs AreeElf
      I do like her ,Im kinda drawn to this size ...not to small ..not to large

      ....who am I kidding ...Im drawn to anything ! LOL

      but she has a more grown up , delicate feel to her
      yeah ...I think she will look lovely with my Roonadoll ,
    7. Aw, she's totally adorable!! I've often wished Shin would make an MSD size girl, but this is even better. ^_^ I don't know if I can afford one soon, but I'll sign on here and hope someone posts pics!

    8. Oh happy, happy! Kiki will be coming home to me. I adore this girls serene little face--I can't wait to have her home. Okay, back to dolly diet now....
    9. Im gonna have to wait for a while ...Ive so gone dolly mad the past couple of weeks
      but she is definatly on my want list !
    10. Okay - I confess - I just nabbed Kiki (2nd Kiki with face-up). I can't wait until she comes home to me. I love that she has a different look from my other tiny girls. I've been reading the artist workshop thread almost every day, checking out the pics and I saw that someone bought the 1st Kiki with face-up the other day. So, I was checking for a new Kiki at work today - nothing then - but when I checked from home, there was the new Kiki. I had to grab her (just couldn't keep my finger from that "add to cart" button).
    11. Just got my Kiki--she is lovely! She fits perfectly in the Boneka clothes that I have for my Yo, and also fits the Yo shoes. Her body is wonderful in the proportions, and that face is so sweet looking. She has a much more mature face than I expected, but her size is wonderful! It will be fun seeing what other clothes and props will suit her.
    12. Shes so cute Toydogz4. So is she the same size as Yo-Sd's then? :)
    13. Hi! Signing back on... I'm wondering if Kiki fits in the Sugar Mag Blythe doll clothes? Licca outfits?

    14. ShinyDoll FRIENDS: Kiki and Seli
    15. Here's a photo of KiKi size next to PpoPpo who fits Sugar Mag clothes. As you can see, Kiki is bigger, but may fit into stretchy Barbie clothes. I bought the mickey shirt and pant that were meant for Barbie types..
    17. I received this pink ballet dress meant for YoSD from Ajumapama and she looks so cute in it!:D sorry for the grainy picture...there's an overcast today.
      I think that'll be her permanent outfit from now on. The little chain is actually a kid's bracelette from Claires. The charms says "love" from last year's Valentines. By the way, I received my Seli doll from Jpopdolls too. However, I think Seli has more of a mature face for the body she's on. I put her against Nabi Kiss body, and I think she'd fit her character better with a smaller Mini size body, so I ordered Leila body from Minoruworld. I'll post update when I receive the body... So, I have an extra Shinydoll Seli body if anyone's interested in getting a Kiki or Seli, I posted in marketplace for Seli's body.
    18. Hello, everyone. Does anyone have tips on make and size of wig for this girl (my Kiki needs some more wigs!)?