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New shop of Hujoo and economical good price.

Mar 14, 2008

    1. Dear,

      We are happy to announce the release of three new type.
      The size is 24cm and three type(white, normal, chocorate color)
      Our homepage ishttp://www.hujoo.kr

      We would appreciate your support and interest.

    2. Are they vinyl or resin dolls??
      Hujoo doesn't seem to be the same size as Cojoo, but that's what is written, maybe there is a mistake?
    3. Your site says Cojoo is sold out; will Cojoo be available later?
    4. I love Cojoo....but the doll is already sold out?
      Will you have more?
    5. Can the Cojoo head be bought separately and put on one of the jointed bodies?
      I see on your site you sell bodies separately.

      NOTE: I just realized that the babies don't have jointed elbows or knees.
    6. Not to be a spoilsport, but I'm confused. I know that Hujoo dolls are not made of polyurethane (they have the same feel as Momoko dolls, for example, very lightweight) - are they allowed here?

      ETA : I was wondering because if it is okay, there are other artists/companies that would be happy to play here in DOA who didn't know.
    7. If these dolls are not indeed resin, that are considered off topic. The mods are looking into them. Thanks very much!
    8. Im confused too
      Mujoo and Hujoo look to be the same ..why is 1 much more expensive than than the other

      If these dolls are not resin ..*_*.
      Do you have a resin version ?...these would be considered on topic
      when we saw these dolls way back last year , we were all all under the impression they were resin
      then came the new site ...and the dolls were not resin

      then site change again ..so ..what are these ?

      also , the shopping cart on your site did not work when I tried to order

      If they are resin ..I would love to order but I cannot get the site to work:sweat
    9. Is Hujoo available open-eyed and basic? I can only find the closed-eyes basic, but I'd certainly buy an open-eyed one...
    10. -----------------------------------------------------
      Hujoo is made by ABS which is the best materials in plastic.
      So, It's not change body's colcor and very hard.
      Cojoo is wrong size. Sorry, We will change right size soon.
    11. Unfortunately, because these new dolls are not made of resin, they are considered off topic for our forum. As with any off topic dolls, they may of course be shown in pictures with other on topic dolls, but they cannot be sold in the Marketplace, discussed on the forum, or featured in Gallery threads alone. Thank you very much for your understanding! :)