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New shopping spot: Laidoll.com!

Jul 18, 2006

    1. For now, they sell Hound-sized shoes, boots, and clothes. They also offer all Dollzone dolls, and seem to have a lot of up-coming stuff. The dolls appear a bit more expensive than on Ebay, but, due to the opening event, the shoes are really affordable. Change, the Ebay DZ seller, is one of their spokespersons.

      Go see for yourself, it's worth it! ^_^

    2. I'm very interested, but so far the link is not working...
    3. Mmhh... The link stopped working for me as well. The website must be undergoing some modifications as most of the items haven't been added yet. If the problem persists, I'll enquire...

      Edit: everything seems to work fine for me, now.
    4. You can't check the price of shipping until you auctually place an order! I thought the cart was like everywhere else and accidently placed and order and had to cancel it!
    5. they offer their own faceup service too, i wonder when we'll get to see photos ^_^ i'm quite pleased to see dollzone dolls finally on an english website outside ebay
    6. They better get used to cancels then. I thought everyone had that good kind of a cart already...