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New shot of Iplehouse resin colors!!!

Jun 4, 2009

    1. New resin comparison from Iplehouse.
      All I can think of is a skittles ad. Yummy.
    2. Dude, I had the new chocolate flavored Skittles, and they were NASTY! Granted, the colors looked almost exactly like these skin tones, but bleh! XD
    3. Oh my great bouncing saints above! :love: :aheartbea

      Heeyyy, wait, they stole my second Calvin Klein EID ad idea. XD

      Resin comparison candy! Why I Love Iple!
      Glorious skins.

      PS @ Wiccat: cow farts. :mwahaha
    4. Oh man............give me one of each, LOL! I did have to break down and get a Strongman Luo to be a twin to my realskin Luo when he gets out of lay a way............now to save for the other colors, LOL!
    5. Those photos are yummy. The hands that I was going to add to my order aren't listed now. It might just be because the ones pictured were in dark brown skin which isn't available now. I'll ask them about when I do my next payment.
    6. Love the resin comparison pics!

    7. The resin comparison pics really show how gorgeous all the EID men are! I love all the colors but I have to say that the darker resins really show off those muscles!
    8. Oh, Yum-ME! I hadn't seen that comparison pic! :o Niiiice!

      I'd like one of these, and one of those, and one of this....
    9. Chocolate flavored skittles! 0_o Never had those, I'll take your word for it though. I was thinking of the old "taste the rainbow" ads.

    10. :D

      It's really tempting to set these pics as my desktop wallpaper :drool Might freak my folks out though.
    11. I want a poster of that framed on my wall!!!:drool
      I mentioned it before but they really need to sell them casted in chocolate. I'll take the "real skin" mocha and dark chocolate flavored one any day!!
    12. N-I-C-E! If they were Skittles I'd take at least 10 of each. Now that is one HAWT line up of resin men. I might have to look at getting one of the normal skin one's, but that "brown skin" would make one hunky beach god. They do have some of the nicer sculpts of the male bodies I've looked at. Nicely muscled, good definition, without over doing it. :wiggle:drool

      - ShadowHawke -
    13. I think that is a nice selection they have got going there.
    14. Ya, literally "taste" the rainbow. Ok so licking your resin is NOT healthy *_* but never-the-less tempting! :)
    15. LOVE Those colours! :)
    16. They all look insanely gorgeous!! XD
    17. ...now I really, really want to see the girl come out, especially if she'll come in some of the darker skin tones. (I'm loving that brown skin... ooooh!)
    18. Meeeeee tooo!!!! I can't wait for the girl to come out.
    19. Okay Iplehouse....I'll take a lady EID in realskin or brown please.

    20. I don't think the girl will be in the dark brown resin; they stopped selling Lt. and Dk tan resins for the season, remember? And she'll be coming out this summer. The Real Skin is the safest bet for the while.