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New side by side pics- Butterfly Narae (closed mouth) first arrivals

Dec 30, 2006

    1. Edit: some people had asked to see them side by side.
      They are both the same facepart, but different resin colors.
      The one in the black outfit is tanning, and the white Butterfly is pinky white resin.
      The first Butterfly Narae dolls arrived last week through yesterday, so I thought it would be fun to see how they look in one place.

      I commissioned two with the same butterfly mold, asking the artists to make them look different.

      Here is what arrived yesterday. They look SO different I thought it might be worth a discussion. I know there are others who have them now, so thought we could all talk about them.

      "Narae Butterfly" done by BasicLine (note, none of my dolls here are for sale. Please, no sales chat here)



      Here is one by Kim Kyu Yun. I think his looks the most mature. He uses pastels and very little paint.



      Anyone have any questions about this new face? Now that it's here, it seems like it is quite a bit different from what we thought..
      Here is the first pic we saw:

      Some new pics:


      New pics together:




    2. The eyes seem a lot smaller than they are in the promo pic, but maybe it's just the angles... the face kinda creeped me out when i was first seeing it, but these two completely change my opinion of her n_n
    3. Oh wow.

      Now I want one. So much personality, especially the first girl. :D
    4. Both are gorgeous and very different from the stock picture. I love them and am now needing to decide if my next doll, who is going to be a Narae, should be a classic or a Butterfly. Decisions, decisions.

      Catrina, could you take a picture of the two of them side by side...close ups?
    5. Wow, both your girls really do look different. But they're equally beautiful in their own way.

      I have to say Narindolls really outdid themselves this time. Narae Butterfly is gorgeous and so versatile in style.
      Just looking at her, I get a 101 ideas on what I'd like to do with her. She's a 'must-have' for me :aheartbea
    6. Hi Laurmann... it's rainy and dark here today, so perhaps I can do that on Tuesday when I return here to the shop. I'm working on getting out some last shipments for the year. Our post office usually stays open til nearly midnight : - )

      I'm really glad you guys like them. It's amazing how these dolls (not just the Butterfly but all the Narin faces) are so versatile and can become such unique individuals. I love the Narin-Narae thread because seeing the photos makes me so happy... everyone really has created something unique with each doll.

      Happy New Year
    7. Whenever you get a chance Catrina, is fine. Thanks.
    8. Wow! I think I like the Kim Kyu Yun best, but they are both beautiful. I'm so glad I decided to order one! For my girl's face-up I have something else in mind, but from experience I know I might change my mind once she arrives.
    9. Will you be doing your own faceup? BTW congrats on ordering your new girl.

    10. Um, yes...I'm slightly insane, but I thought I'd give it a try. *_* I've worked on both Pullips and Blythes as well as porcelain dolls. Of course, I have to study the FAQs here before-hand, but I don't have anything elaborate in mind. Lightly painted lips, something to ouline the eyes and then freckles. I think the freckles will probably prove the hardest, as it's crucial they don't look like spots or blotches of colour.
    11. Sounds adorable. I love freckles. Have fun doing it and I can't wait to see your new girl. I guess it will be a few more weeks though.
    12. Thanks! Yes, some long weeks ahead... :( With smaller dolls like Pullips and Blythes you get used to them arriving within at least a fortnight. But I think this wait will be worth it. Problem is, I'll probably be hooked and need to order more! :lol:
    13. [​IMG]

      I really love this Butterfly Face, Basic Line painted her exactly like I wanted. If I ever get another Narae or Narin it will be 60cm and tanning in color.;)
    14. I totally love yours, Derilan85. She's such a little heartbreaker. It's so cool to see the first ones arriving, and of course yours was first of all to make an appearance!

      How's it going with her and Hound?
    15. Tisa and Terry are just friends, I think I have to find someone else for my Terry(Hound);)
    16. Your Tisa's new Butterfly face is so adorable. I love how Basicline did the face painting on her.
    17. the shape of the face bothers me but i cant figure out why :?
    18. I like the really matte looking mature one Kim did. You were right Dolly, I did like one of them - I really didn't think she'd be my cup of tea at all.

      I really don't like the pink, pearly-gloss on her though in the promo picture that was first used. Too disco for me. =)
    19. They both look very sassy. I think they are very different from the other narin facetypes. When I got my narae I put very light colored eyes in her, and she looked very blank or stoned to me. After I put darker eyes in, it was like she was more focused on me. Sounds strange. But the butterfly face, definitely an instant personality there. I dont know if I like these faceplates enough to get yet since they have such a definite spirit already, I'd really need a preformed idea that she fit first. I like both face ups though- very different from the original butterfly. I am noticing a trend in that little painted lid crease, between eye and eyebrow. ANy thoughts on that?
    20. I think I know what it is. She has a very wide jaw (the back of her jaw, near her neck). It almost gives the face an appearance of being too big for her neck. I still think she's adorable looking and very mischievous looking.