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New Soom Male Mermaid doll

Mar 6, 2008

    1. Discussion thread here, if anyone want to discuss about him :o
    2. Actually, I think he's an ocean elf, according to the last picture.
    3. You're right. He's an ocean elf. If he take off his finny ears, lower arms, web hands and outfit, he will become a human. He has hidden his long legs in his ocean elf outfit. His finny ears are detachable.So if you remove them from his head, you can get a normal vega head. Since he come with a basic hands and basic lower arms, he can be a human and ocean elf as you want.
    4. If you order blushing, will his human lower arms and hands be blushed as well?
    5. Yes, FunnyLori. If you order him with body blushing option, his human lower arms and hands will be blushed as well.