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NEW Soom Sabik and Asil

Apr 27, 2007

    1. Do you (or anyone) know whether or not the Monthly figure Sabik is really sold out or just not available yet? what an awesome looking figure!

      Also, the Mini's -- are they like most bjd 1/4 height? I thought I saw on an older one that they were only 18cm...


    2. Not available yet.

      Most companies put up their teaser page a few days early with pictures, and list the item as "sold out', but it hasn't gone on sale yet. Since it is listed as "May Doll", I'm guessing his sale will start in May.
    3. I think he's going on sale May 1st through 5th, if I recall correctly.

      The mini Gems are 30cm in height. :)
    4. Asil is a beauty! Does Soom do layaways on all dolls or just selected dolls? I noticed that the info. on Sabik says they do layaways for "this doll". Sounded like selective dolls only.
    5. They will do layaway on orders over $300. The info is all on their website if you click layaway :)
    6. Just got this in my email:

      Handsome lad!
    7. I have my Aren (soom doll) with my Kimmy and they are 1.6th scale dolls.. I have momoko and Azone clothes, and even some barbie stuff that fits them perfectly.. they are fun!