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New Soom Super Gem Order Chance: Covell

Jun 25, 2010

    1. Oh my, what an adorable face! Part of the new line of Super Gems Soom's been talking about? They have been SO busy this month!




      Edit: So evidently this is a limited order chance of 30 dolls rather than a new basic! It was sculpted by a student from Soom's doll academy, hence the title of it's category. What an awesome move by Soom, I love the idea of them giving a young sculptor a chance for their face sculpt to be for sale on the site.
    2. [FONT=굴림]Covell [/FONT]

      l Head sculpt : Lee Eun-A
      [FONT=굴림]- Artist from Soom doll academy -[/FONT]

      1st. order 30dolls
      Release date : June 28th. 2010. 10:00 AM (KOREAN STANDARD TIME)

      * Including:
      - Covell head + Super gem male body (normal skin)
      - Owner's Guide & certificate of authenticity

      * Options:
      - Face up
      - Body brushing
      - 14mm Soom eyes

      copied from soom's page. He is on a Supergem Male body.