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New Soom Teenie Gems - Violet & Sweet

Nov 15, 2007

    1. Violet is so cute:D Maybe she'll be my first Mini.:)
    2. I'm liking Violet, too. The two molds are very similar, though. The only big difference I can see is that Sweet's eyes are a smidge more narrow.

    3. I dunno, I'm pretty sure they're the same mold.
    4. If they're the same mold, and they're both girls, why are they two different dolls? Now I'm confused...*_*
    5. It's like what they do with Yo-SD dolls :sweat They use the same headmold to make both a boy and a girl version. Soom has just used the same mold to make two different girls.
    6. :sigh

      Hopefully they'll have more info up soon. They may be limited editions and the outfits are the big difference. Or something.
    7. I hope so, I'd really like to know more about these dolls. I'm dying for Violet's outfit and wig, but I really don't need another tiny. Maybe someone will do a split with me :XD:

      I'm thinking these are going to be special limiteds, but I'm afraid I don't know much about Soom's selling habits. Perhaps the outfits are only for display?
    8. aww I hope they arn't too expensive!!! Sweet is just too much.
    9. Do these Soom teenies wear other manufacturers clothes? These girls are really cute, and so far I only have 70-70 cm boys, so I don't know about clothing for this tiny girls. Anyone have one or know something about what will fit them? Thanks!
    10. I'm pretty sure Soom's teenie dolls are very close to Yo-SD dolls, so if you check the Yo-SD clothing sticky you should find plenty of options :)
    11. Well they're up for sale now. $306 with options for face-up, ear parts and wing parts.

      Edit: Nevermind! The outfits are for sale too! :D
    12. Thanks Celesse - I really love these little girls . . .those tiny fists.
    13. Uhmmm.. :sweat I'm pretty sure Sweet has a little, err... boy bit there. :sweat It's hard to see exactly, but I'm hard pressed to say that Sweet is definitely a boy, unless someone can find me proof otherwise. :? :lol:
    14. I want the wings- the ones on her head and and back! I love the bat wings!! They are so cute!!
    15. I love Violet! She would fit perfectly into my imagined doll family. If I had the money.
    16. I love love LOVE Violet!
    17. I want the headwings and back wings on Sweet, though not so sure if I can swing another doll so close to the holidays.

      They both are adorable dolls

      I'm leaning towards splurging on the ones I have
    18. I'm assuming the wings are magnetic. So if you don't order a wing part, will the body still have the magnets?
    19. These girls are soooooo cute!