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~ New Soul-Sweet Agga ~

Oct 19, 2007

    1. Souldoll has released their first Soul-Sweet line doll :>
      Agga, probably meaning baby in Korean.
    2. SO she is yo-sd size right? I guess everyone's jumping on that size now.
    3. [Info] (from the link above)
      >Normal skin
      >eyes : 14mm
      >height : 27 cm
      >head : 15.8 cm (6.5 inch)
      >neck : 6 cm
      >shoulder width : 7 cm
      >chest : 13 cm
      >waist : 11.2 cm
      >hips : 14 cm
      >foot : 4 cm
    4. Just for reference, 'Agga' doesn't mean 'Baby' in Korean, at least, not the way I learned (although it's very VERY possible that I could be wrong -- I've only had patchy lessons :sweat ). The way that it could be phonetically spelled is 'ay-gie'; the 'correct' English spelling is 'Egi' or 'Eggi', I believe.
      However, I don't know what 'Agga' means. ^^; It could be a play on the word 'Eggi'. :)
    5. Please excuse me if this is considered chatting, but just to correct

      Agga, Aegi both means baby. Ah-gi is the most correct word to use for baby, and both Agga, Ae(eh)-gi is more conversational.