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New Souldoll Boy Lee Jun Ki

Dec 21, 2007

    1. Lee, Jun Ki is a real life Korean movie/TV star.

      He is very famous in Korea, Japan, Taiwan and the rest of Asia. (I love him, too)

      This doll is an official products licensed by his Agency. Currently, this item is limited to Asian Market only. So this will not be listed in English Site, I believe.
    2. Established discussion here.

      He's also being offered in Japan through a non-SD site, and word is Souldoll is undecided on international sales.
    3. On the Japanese site it says, the doll is limited to 1982 pieces (because that is Lee Jun Ki's year of birth), which are offered to Japanese customers before the rest of the world.

      So I guess/hope after a while, maybe next year, the rest of the dolls are going to be offered on the Korean and hopefully international site of Souldoll as well.

      One can choose between two different styles, both are 126000 Yen, and he will be delivered in February.
    4. On the English site there are going to be three versions of him available. One version from the Spris ad, another from the Clown and the King and the last from the Time Between Dog and Wolf. Pictures are up now! :)