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NEW Souldoll Couple (Paris + Eckstine)

May 20, 2005

    1. Hum.. I don't know why, but I don't like them as mush as I normally like SoullDoll's stuff....some jsut....feels off. Beautiful outfit and such as always...but something is bugging me.
    2. Wellll....

      I'm really happy to get another look at Eckstine. (ARGH! Simon, when will you ship??)

      I dig the faceups on both of them (but Eckstine looks Soooo....saaad....)

      The costumes were confusing at first. After some pondering, I've decided they are valets in the entourage of some remote, unthinkable Emperor...surviving the terrible intrigues, the scheming, gradually coming to trust and rely upon each other...until one of them is forced to make a tragic choice...(*sigh* probably Eckstine...poor boy...) I hope they end up happy together...

      I think I could've done without the hairbows. Some kind of weird Imperial edict, I guess.

      GJ: Well, guys...

      Simon: I just want to know what makes HIM the...well, you know.

      Caro: When you get here, I will be happy to explain. :grin:
    3. ha ha ha! XD! maybe. But then again, maybe you're reading a little too much into it? XD! Either way, at least it's a creative story to go with those gorgeous outfits. :). Although, agreed, they could definately go without the bows. XD. They're cute, yes, but tacky. XD. (somehow, judy, I knew you'd have something to say about this one. XD.)

      Ha, ha, Simon, you silly boy! he's on top because he has a larger ***CENSORBLOCK***!!!
    4. Can I ask a stupid question?...
      Why the couples are all boys?...

      I thought 'couple' means lovers or boyfriend & girlfriend...
    5. because soulldoll is caitering to the rabid yaoi fangirls. so in the case, boyfriend & boyfriend


      no news on Simon yet Judy-chan?
    6. Simon: Well, er...ah...not actually... :oops:

      Caro: Oi! :evil:

      Simon: <blushing> Well, Caro, really...in all honesty...

      GJ: Um...Simon is lazier?

      Simon: I'm a much better dancer, too.

      Caro: <slow burn>

      Spozed to ship out 5/20. It's 5/20 in Korea now, right? So WHY HASN'T HE SHIPPED YET SIMON AUGH

    7. Thanks...
      I dont really know about yaoi... *_*
    8. XD. Gay men can be lovers too. XD

      But yeah, she's right. Souldoll is catering to us fangirls. XD.
    9. Don't worry! I know he'll ocme. :D! And then him and Caro can fight 'properly' to be seme. ^_~. *winkwinknudgenudge*
    10. Poor thing! I'm sure he will ship soon!
    11. Whooooa...what a picture...the martial arts versus the dark arts...

      Caro: HAI! <boot>

      Simon: Ow. Ignis fatuus. <FOOSH!>

      Caro: Um. Am I on fire? <totally bewildered>

      Simon: <gently> Close enough. Can we stop this now?

      Caro: No. I am on top. <boot> <leg catches fire>

      Simon: <fondly> Fool's fire...for a--

      Caro: :evil: RAAAH!!! Finishing move!! FLAME BURST KICK! FIERY BOOGERS! KNOW THE PH3aR!!

      Simon: And you want to be my boyfriend? I think you need a babysitter.

      Caro: <on fire, sort of> Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.

      Simon: <entertained> Let me know when you'd like to stop, all right?
    12. *Azrael pulls up a chair to watch the battle* Popcorn anyone?
    13. They need to make another girl doll and make yuri couples toooooo!
      And also hetero coupleees!

      So they'll make everyone happy happy ^^
    14. YES! YURI COUPLES! :D :D :D :D :D

      sorry. :oops:
    15. See what I mean? huahahaha

      Yuri couples are so rare...
    16. If I could find girl doll molds that appealed to me, and had an easier time coming by money, I'd so get myself a girlxgirl couple.. :D
    17. What, gay men can't be couples? Sheesh, here I was thinking we were living in the mostly-enlightened 21st century and not the Dark Ages! Silly me. :roll:
    18. That was an innocent question, when I learned what couple meaned I learned it was boy and girl together (lovers or not) I took a lil time to see that people used it as lovers....
      So, don't worry, we still on 21st century... also, if she is new to the bjd world I think she is probably more used to see hetero couples around the ordinary dolls (ken and barbie, stuff like that) so it is something new seeing brands doing boys couples. At ocidental world people usually avoid this kind of think (I know it is pretty stupid avoid this kind of thing but society is stupid) also, so, it is a lil bit suprising seeing that they are so open-minded ^^'
      It also depends of her age, her country, her lenguage, loads of things....
      She reacted pretty well when somone told her about yaoi, so, don't worry, I don't think she is a close minded person ^^ :grin:


    19. Because SoulDoll,is openminded, wonderful, and believes in same-sex couples. *much love to souldoll*

      P.s. *couple* can refear to ANY pairing. male x male, female x female, and male x female.