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New Souldoll Double Jointed Boy Osu

May 14, 2007

    1. I think he is pretty cute :)

    2. hmm i dont really like the naked double joints, too much >_< but with clothes on it's really nice! and the new body looks slimmer too. i like the hips
    3. I quite like the joints myself! They aren't as oddly shaped as with some doll companies - but you can cover them pretty easily anyways. I like the fact its not as hugly muscular as the old body. Osu is cute, but I'd quite like just the body for one of my dolls e_e I wonder when souldoll will sell them seperate?
    4. That's brilliant!! The knee joint would take getting used to. Have to admit though. I like it thus far.
    5. oooooooooh....I love the look in his eyes!!!! Very vibrant and intense!! *interested in this boy and that body! :D
    6. YES! I was so hoping they would make the double jointed boy! :dance Thank you, SoulDoll! I think he's really cute too!
    7. i hope they'd come out with whiteskin for the body *_*
    8. It would be very rare if they did :sweat
    9. yea, but it looks real awesome and reasonably priced to be worth the wait 8D
    10. I like the body a lot better than other companies double joints. The joints to look a ugly naked, but clothes with fix that. I like the hips too.
    11. What I think is strange is that if you scroll down it talks about a heartbeat sensor. O_o

      I think his joints are fairly well designed and don't bulge funny anywhere. I'd be interested in a review of the body once somebody gets him home. :kitty2
    12. Yes the two new dolls have an optional heartbeat sensor that you can purchase for your doll.

      Bigin to work only when this sensor push the small button on head cap.
      And, you can hear you have to press your ear against her chest because the sound of heartbeat is small.

      Please select the option in detail page of Hye if you would like to get a heartbeat sensor.
      Price of heartbeat sensor is a 60$ extra charge.
      Costomers need a mercury battery if use a heartbeat sensor.
      But, costomers must buy a battery directly because mercury battery is an export-restricted item.

      Contact us if you have any question.
      Thank you so much!
    14. I'm thrilled that they came out with a double-jointed boy, so quickly after releasing Hye :D

      I am especially thrilled as I ordered my very own Hye about a week and a half ago, and since then I have been looking at various sculpt, trying to find one suitable to be her brother. This makes my search a lot simpler, especially as their faces are similar enough to pass for siblings. If I am pleased with Hye once she arrives, then I shall certainly be ordering this boy!

      Compared to others that I have seen photographed, his joints don't seem too terribly strange or off-putting. And as I don't like having my dolls sit around naked, it wouldn't even be an issue. My concern is how functional the new "Double Edition" bodies are.

      I'll be looking forward to owner pictures of this boy, for sure :)
    15. Me too :D Souldolls are one of my favorites so I always enjoy seeing the new dolls :)
    16. The body's nice. He reminds me a lot of El.
    17. I'm not so thrilled with his face. It's kind of. Meh. But his body is lovely! I'm really taken with his joints, prolly BECAUSE they look bizarre. X3
    18. I looove him! These two Double's have both been gorgeous beyond reason!
    19. O M G its my character Kyle! I've finally found him! :love
    20. I really like the new double jointing though I like the detailing and musculature of the old chest better. I love my Souldoll Asiter and the new face looks like a cross between Paris and Asiter. I will consider getting him in the future.