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New Souldoll Elf!! And lots of updated stock.

Oct 31, 2005

    1. I just got the email about him...

      SOUL FANTASY "Fairy warrior"

      New face 珞蕤�(Petal Hail Shimmer)


      His ears are so adorable. >o<

      They've also added a bunch of new eyes, wigs and outfits.

      I love you, Souldoll. :cry:
    2. HA! I thought about posting this, then I thought to myself, "Wonder if Akari'd post it?" Am I psychic, or am I psychic? XD

      I love the new limited clothes they have up. They should have more for boys though. >(
    3. I got the email... but figured I wouldn't be fast enough to post the news! :oops:

      Instead, I had to look and try, try, TRY not to impulsively buy everything! Those colors and fabrics and designs for the costumes are just so lovely!!! And I'm terribly susceptible to buying elf-eared dolls!!!

      So far I'm holding out... but ... soooooo.... pretty... sooo... tempting.... must buy...!!!

      *_* *_* *_*
    4. ... I know... your pain... must buy too... *_* *_*
    5. I'm sad there's no msd clothes (because they are so beautiful!!) but also...
      :D NO msd clothes! my wallet is spared!
      I love the evening gown.
    6. I luuuurve them!

      Are they limited, or is it as many as can be ordered before the end date?

      I'm resisting... but I'm not holding out much hope.
    7. He's limited to 20. *_*
    8. And no nude tan elf boy will be offered?

      I would like to know if the resin is colored or if it color applied to the surface like volks.

      I emailed them these two questions but no answer yet.
    9. The Elf is amazing!

      I love the hand hammered bronze or brass dicks! I just can't believe this outfit. I love it!
      At first I wasn't too sure....would weigh a ton...but, it is very nicely done.^^

      I'm not 100% sure, but I believe the light tan of the French resin was in the mix. The French resin tan dolls were only 3 in number...Miss Tamara has one of them. ^^

      Treelore, let us know when they email you....^^
    10. Yeh no reply from them its been a few days now.
    11. I left a 1:1 question on the SoulDoll board....

      I doubt if a tan will ever be offered as an unlimited doll. I also think the Elf and Neve will be used as limited dolls....but, who knows?
    12. The tan colour of the SoulDolls is in the resin.

      They have a poll on the SoulDoll site. I believe you can still be entered into the drawing if you take the poll.....^^
    13. Man, the costume is gorgeous.
    14. Also, did you guys see the poll thing? Answer the poll, then put in a comment using your user ID, and you could win one of the outfits.

      They're a bit over the top for me, but I think they're really unique, and the colours and detail are amazing.
    15. I LOVE over the top clothing!!! :grin:

      Unfortunately, several of the outfits have already sold out!!! :(

      I thought they would make as many as people ordered during the ordering period! I didn't think they'd sell out before the end... Oh, well... Saved a few bucks... but ordered one outfit anyway. I couldn't resist!!! Beautiful colors... and I love all the embellishment.