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New Souldoll kids!

May 9, 2005

    1. So cute!! And I *love* Sweeni's outfit :chibi
    2. They're so pretty and different from the other kids they've done.
      I like Tiffee best.
    3. I love how they all look so different! I can't wait to see what the new bodies look like.

      *sigh* :love *tries to resist Tiffee and Harang*
    4. Can't wait to see Tiffee customed by her future owners. I think she'll look stuning with red hair. ^^
    5. I love Harang. I just got the email a few minutes ago. Thought I'd be the first to post. :oops: Ah well.
    6. SO in love with Griffi! Adore the outfit, too.

      Does anyone know what shipping runs from them to the US?
      Or, where I can find it on their website?
      I've looked, but not having any luck.
    7. I did a mock order for Clara and shipping was $63 .
      It might be less for the kids, but can't be sure since none are presently available.
    8. I'm not an obsessive email checker!


      I love Tiffee a LOT. Lots and lots and Ican'taffordher >_<
    9. I like Tiffee best, she´s really pretty <3 <3 <3.
    10. Wow! ^__^ Yay for more little ones! They are relatively cheap, even the event dressed versions, which is always good news. And Souldoll resin is so translucent and glowy. But I will wait to see the photos of the new body design that they plan to to post on the 16th before starting to thinking seriously about any of them...no point getting a lovely head if I can't live with the body.

      Tiffee is pretty. But I want her outfit more than I want her. XD;;

      Harang is so cool looking. Nice wig, too. They dress Harang like a 'he', but somehow she feels like a 'she' to me. I like her face the best.

      Sweeni looks like the bigger version of one of the Elf dolls. XD;;
    11. Actually, I meant Sweeni is my favourite, although I still love Tiffee. Tiffee looks like she's just pulled a prank and is waiting for someone to find it... ^^
    12. *drools over Harang*
      Darn you soulldoll for making me want another MSD...
      I can't imagine though that a SoullDoll and Angel Region would really look that good thogether because of the noses.....but argh...ism wants him -_-
    13. SNYDER! I just love him! Hoping I can round up enough 'cause I REALLY WANT HIM!
    14. Wow I must have Harang! Do you think Harang is a boy doll? Can't believe it doesn't say..... okie so the event special is on for a month right? Will the basic version stay availible for sale after the month? I must have Harang....... (if it's a he XD) but I can't get the cash for him in a month >.< I really hope Harang is a he and he'll become a standard........
    15. Does anyone have a picture of the old Soul Kid Girl body? I know they're changing them but they ought to be somewhat the same, right?
    16. I think Harang is pretty cute!
    17. Griffi is so cute!
      i wish i could buy him with the ouftfit (by the event thing) but i'll probably don't have money so.... he still is so cute XDDDD
    18. Griffi IS cute and his out fit is THE BEST - I think he looks like Drew Barrymore when she was in ET!
    19. i want to know too!! he is just so cute!!! i must have him, GAAAAH!!!