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NEW Souldoll 'Lune' from year 2170....

Jan 25, 2005

    1. He's one of those limited edition skin tone Lunes, or at least I think he is (you know, only one of him in the world. :P) like the other one that was raised on ebay, but, since this guy's a new one, I figure I may as well inform you guys.


      That would be him. If this is a repeat post or you guys already know, ignore me and set flame to my comuter. Please. XD.

      *giggles* He looks like a space bondage boy. XD.

      (gee, I hope that means they'll make ANOTHER LE Paris soon. :/.)
    2. Oooo, I saw him too, but I don't really keep up with Souldoll stuff so I wasn't sure.

      I didn't really like Lune, but this one is amazing, if only I had the money!
    3. Well, he *is* alot cheaper than LE *Paris*, or that's what itseems like to me. ^^;;.

      And I don't normally follow Soul Doll to tightly either, but, his general edition is supposed to come out this week and....*sheepish grin tells itself*
    4. He is not my style! But I like his clothes *_______*
    5. He reminds me of ... what's the name of that futuristic movie with Tina Turner in it? Ahhhh, I can't remember! I just have the song from it in my head! Yarg!
    6. Is it Mad Max from Beyond Thunderdome?

      I remember ONE of Mel Gibson's Mad Max movies had Tina Turner in it. And some song... something like "We don't need another hero"...
    7. Yeah, "Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome", IIRC.

      The costume made me think of the "Judge Dredd" movie. XD
    8. Made me think of Ghost in the Shell. Or some kind of bogus futuistic anime. XD. Not that Ghost in the Shell was, though....
    9. YES!!! That's the one, lol! Now all he needs is a beat-up motorcycle and something blowing up in the background!

      And Frou-Frou did a cover of the song for the Shrek II soundtrack. I was giggling my arse off when my brother came over and started playing it for me! It's a really good cover, but I just thought it was so funny that they were covering the Mad Max song for Shrek!
    10. I still say the title reminds me of the C.O.P.S. Cartoon who's slogan was "Fighting crime in a future time!" X3;; Everyone was a cyborg or something equally bizarre. I LOVE this lune's wig and face up... the outfit is a little too extreme for me tho. :3 It reminds me of Robocop or something.
    11. YEAH. ROBOCOP. That was the one on my mind. ^^;;.
    12. *giggles* His outfit is so 80's ! I agree in his Mad Max-ness. Hmmm, so cool.
    13. Oh my....*drools* I love his outfit tho I'd put something else under his top. XD

      Wait a min, GE Paris might come out this week? :o

      :cry: :cry: :cry:
      ...I need to get Paris. :(
    14. Grr...forgot to sign-in. :|