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New Souldoll Theme Girl - Dreamy Painter Neve

Oct 5, 2005

    1. Oh, yeah, I'd definitely go for that outfit! Very nice! Even though not in the market for a girl doll.
    2. Oh, she's cute! But, I'm not needing another big girl...

    3. She's pretty! I reallyl like her outfit, she looks like Tiffee all grown up. Looks like she's BW too!
    4. Holy christ! Love! Somebody tell me I don't want her. @_x;;

      She's not limited in number, is she? I have to decide if I want her or not. @_@
    5. Sha, you want her! She looks like she belongs on a certain French street... <3

      I don't think she's limited in number, just to a certain preorder period?
    6. She looks like Beckett's (Harang's) long-lost mother :D ! Ahhh!
    7. I knew you'd be over here encouraging me. xD;;

      I'm going to wait a little while, to see if I reeeeeeally love her. If I do, it'll just be her, Atticus and Puck in the end, I think. :3
    8. I owe you revenge for Joce. XD

      You have 'til the 25th to order her, I think, so you can ponder it for a while. =^^=!
    9. Yup. ^^; It's what I'm happy about. More companies should arrange their limited editions like this! It really gives you time to think and get the money together if you need to. ^^;

      I already have a character in mind, I think. I just need to stare at her and decide if it's true luuurve. xD
    10. So should I keep my fingers crossed for you? =^_~=
    11. I don't know yet. xD;;

      Does anybody have any bodyshots of the big Souldoll girls?
    12. Wow, she is amazing! Definitely the lovliest SoulDoll aside from Paris (in my humble opinion ^^;) She reminds me of an Avante Garde poet...hopefully she's not quite so snobby XD

    13. She is pretty!!! Neve is snow in portuguese...
    14. oh golly i want that outfit!

      she's pretty -- she looks like katie's older sister.
    15. She always does it >_>;;

      But yeah Sha, she's a beaut. Like a mix of Katie and Clara. Thank God she doesnt fit in with any of my characters or I'd just collapse *_*
    16. She's pretty. I like the outfit too. Oh, well, at least I have the boots!
    17. I will be taking pre-orders (subject to approval by Soul Doll -- I've emailed them today) on this new gorgeous girl.

      Details coming - short layaway available.
    18. she's gorgous! (Im also in the "i want her oufit" camp.) :D
    19. Should my new nickname be "enabler" instead of "BJD encyclopedia" now? XD?