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New Souldoll - Vivian (Witch)

Apr 23, 2005

    1. Ooooohh....looks like Eckstine has a little sister. She's not my style at all, but she is cute...lookit her little nose!
    2. Oooooooooooooooooooh, I love her little face!!!!!
    3. You can almost see her nose twitching back and forth like on Bewitched! Just wish the sites would show some profile shots. She sure is a looker!
    4. She is very sweet, is she the Clara head mold?
    5. ;o; General edition, please! Gah... I'm going to end up with a Souldoll familt... Clara, Paris, and if released as general, Vivian and the Eck-ish-guy x_x HER NOSE!

      :: has a thing for noses :: HER NOSE! SO... UNIQUE AND PRECIOUS! :: dies ::
    6. [quote="Mandiiv
      :: has a thing for noses :: HER NOSE! SO... UNIQUE AND PRECIOUS! :: dies ::[/quote]

      At least I am not the only one with the nose thing going on here. I agree, her nose totally makes her special...
    7. OMG she looks like CHER! Those eyes! I just love her!

    8. ... and only 50 in the world ...


      So many limiteds, so few winning lottery tickets in my hands.

      I really love her outfit too!

    9. *_* *_* ohmygosh she is SO CUTE aack. AACKKK. She's ADORABLE.
    10. Love the eyes, but:
      Argh, her nose! :/ Any angle where it doesn't look like you're looking up her nostrils?

      Want to see a profile shot.