New Doll New Special Collaboration Doll RYUZO First & Second Prince [Dolk x Switch]

Sep 24, 2019

    1. Two handsome prince join us, as a collaboration doll with SWITCH. RYUZO has finally appeared as a collaborative doll with DOLK, among the highly popular manufacturer's SWITCH, with its neat and sculpted appearance, and its sultry features.
      The one-off doll of DollismTokyo 2018 was the first to appear as a collaboration doll in the past.

      The first prince that expresses the RYUZO head's ambition strongly.
      The clear and strong make-up has a personality appropriate for the successor to the throne.
      Plum-colored lip makeup with a deep contrast of dark and dark eye makeup that feels both quiet and ferocious.
      And the strong eyebrows line that went up so far is sexier than ever.
      You will be able to discover the new charm of SWITCH dolls.

      The second prince that expresses the delicate and refreshing nature of the RYUZO head.
      The soft, clean makeup is a light, intelligent and transparent finish.
      The lightly colored eye makeup enhances the blue eyes and eyelashes, the glossy natural color lip makeup and the smooth eyebrow line for refinement and elegance.
      You will be able to fully enjoy the beauty of SWITCH Doll modeling.

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      RYUZO First Prince Limited


      RYUZO Second Prince Limited


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