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new Ssin doll - Pelri

Sep 5, 2005

    1. He looks like a cross betweenDollmore Calvin and AR Bada to me :3
    2. He does look like Dollmore Calvin meets Little Fair Bada, but I've got to add that he has a dash of Volks Maggie/Sakura/Myu in there, too!
    3. you guys are right he does!

      I was planning to get a girl next... but he can always be castrated I guess!

    4. [​IMG]
    5. ooooo, I like h im. *pounces*

      I better do damn well at ohayocon
    6. Indeed. O__O
    7. Ooo like the Philip boy doll...there's a listing for a Philip Rade 8-9 inch $100...that's for the head only, right?
    8. yowzer.... *_* :?
    9. I've never even seen their site before! They have some really cute minis!
    10. they have nice prices on their mini's $248, completed assembled, with eyes, wig, and makeup.
    11. Aww, he's kinda cute! I like his mouth.
    12. cute.... remembers me another doll.. not sure who...
    13. heehee

      gardenofdolls.com said with the minis you can also choose the wig and eyes they come withm which is quite nice i think