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[New Store] For Canadians, Sakura Den Opening its Doors!

Jul 23, 2009

    1. We are Open!


      Sakura Den is opening its doors!

      Sakura Den is an online BJD store serving Canadians. We offer a reward system and a wish list for your shopping pleasure. Upon registering on our site, you will receive a 5% coupon code to use on any order.

      Currently we have the majority of DollZone and Aoi Sora products listed, with more being entered every day. :) Please be patient as I continually work on entering the vast amount of products available.

      Our product catalog will soon also include items from Angel Fantasy, Domadoll, DollNDoll, DIMdoll, Ringdoll, B&G, TATA's Paradise, and Shadow Gray Designs (BJD furniture).

      Den of Angels Special (coupon):

      10% off!
      For orders USD$25.00 or more.

      Enter den_angel as the coupon code to redeem this special.
      Expires: September 30th, 2009

      All products are entered in USD for ease of use with our suppliers. A conversion to CAD is available on site, however the conversion rate will vary between the site and Paypal when finishing your purchase.

      Free Shipping for orders over USD$1,000.00!
    2. I was looking around and noticed that the Pink Lolita outfit for the DZ MSDs is labeled with the wrong doll. It's not Shoyo it's Nina. Just had to say that to avoid confusion.
    3. I noticed you have 1/4 and 1/3 doll carriers. Will you also have a 70m carrier available, in the same style?