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New supiadollz 60cm girls - Lina and Lana

Nov 12, 2008

    1. [​IMG]

      Good day everyone! :fangirl:
      This is Supiadollz.
      Were you disappointed of not hearing any from us?
      Then, we have great news for you.
      We will now announce our new friends.
      lina and lana
      Because we were in such hurry, we are now sending some small images of our new girls.
      We wish that supiadollz will satisfy your need and good quality images will be taken very soon.
      We are trying very hard to give you only good news every time.
      Have a pleasant day.
      From your friend Supiadollz.

      <Lina n Lana history>
      They are called Lina and Lana
      They are guardian angel of Supiadollz family.
      In dark nights, they become fairies and keep you safe.
      Do not forget that Lina and Lana are there to bring you love and happiness.
      Even though now, you can't see from your own eyes,
      one day, Lina and Lana will bright with your happiness.
    2. I can't see the pics! Anyone else having this problem or just my lame pc?
    3. I can't c it as well
    4. I can't see the images as well.
    5. The cyworld links don't work either, I'd love to see these girls!
    6. Humm. I'm not getting photos anywhere either. Too bad.
    7. sorry folks it was there but then i guess they removed it or is down for whatever reason.
      they were without faceup .
      just in case it doesnt show again

    8. OOOOOH...........more elves :...(................I have nothing else to sell except my soul to the devil himself!

      Thanks Dollmania!

      p.s. I'm just curious if it's exactly the same company? It's the 'z' that's raising the question in my mind, and there's no 'coming soon' thing on Supia's site - also, only one post on DoA...............:? Just wondering what Dollyholic would say...?
    9. well i can confirm that
      Dollfair and amelia_aa are both distributors for supiadolls. amelia_aa being the first distributor they had.
      if anything has changed since then, i am not in the know.

      and that indeed




      both belong to yujin, the maker of supia.
    10. ooh, that first one...big eyes and pouty lips...I'm sunk!!
      Catrina, will you be carrying these? Do you accept layaway? (or organ donations?) :(
    11. Anyone know what eye size these girls will take?? Looks like Elf head and Normal ear heads are offered, is this correct??
    12. Is there a way to buy direct from Supia Dollz?
    13. Will these new sculpts be limited, or unlimited?
    14. Hi everyone,
      I'm going to have more info for you tomorrow.. thanks for your interest.

    15. Point of interest: Looks like the "pointy-eared" versions are ear caps -- so you can change your doll into and out of an elf at will. If that's true it'd be good news for those of us with characters who can cast glamour spells, and whatnot.
    16. I once did with a friend who deposited money direct into supiadolls bank account in korea.
      so unless you can do that, its best to go with the distributors, unless supiadollz will now sell direct
    17. Little question...
      will supia get high heel feet sometime soon?
      Because i kinda dislike the feet and ankles on my girl.. so i hope i can buy her different feet sometime soon o---o"
    18. thank you.
      of course,supiadollz make high heel feet.
      now we are studing hard to make more beautiful feet.
      we do our best for giving good news to supiadollz families.
      thank you~:aheartbea