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New +SWITCH+ So Long and Thanks Event!

Dec 23, 2010

    1. I don't understand... when can you order the "oooooh set"?
    2. You can order the set on the 23th December on 10 PM at korean time standart :)
    3. You can get Hawha/Shino/Huisa/Vian randomly :)
    4. I was gonna take one, but now I'm not sure. I don't like luck(I'm not lucky) games and what if I receive "First-aid + Oh, Darling(ACCESSORIES) + Sleep Tight", all stuff I don't want and is not worth $160?
    5. For the set, do you get a head, a wig, and an outfit each randomly, or can you receive a set that has says two outfits and a 3 wigs but no head?

      edit - posted this and saw the update from Switch.
    6. I think there is a line that says that all bags will contain stuff worth more than $160. You may not get a head, but you won't be paying more for "normal stuff" if you don't.
    7. Looks like the server got hit too hard and the event is being postponed:

    8. Does anyone know yet when the event will take place :3
    9. There is an update on the Switch website but what do they want to tell us with their message? Will they release the event on the 31th?
    10. Event update from Switch:

    11. So will it actually be available to overseas customers?

    12. "There will be internal meetings to reconsider the event and the event will not be re-opened until we decide what to do.
      Yes but I think they will have a meeting and discuss everything :)
    13. They updated!

    14. Has this already passed? It says sold out on the site, and I can't figure out what time it's available! :(
    15. its today at 6:30, which i just snagged yay.
    16. The news discussion thread is located here!
    17. The sale started @ 9:50am 1/14/11 PST in Indiana > They are for sale now and have been they are still available as of now :)