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New tan Elfdoll Rainy girl - Ruru!

Nov 17, 2006

    1. I saw this girl too~! She is so incredible 0___0
    2. she looks quite lovely! im eager to see more pictures of her.
    3. This is terrible...I want this girl! She's perfect for a character I have...ho boy. I must stay away from this topic. >.>;;;

      Man, this is why I love Elfdoll. So many wonderful sculpts! :3
    4. WOW, just.....WOW! :aheartbea
    5. Ooooooo look at her :D Her lips are just like Soah's, she's like a Soah/Ryung hybrid >w< I can't wait to see the final pictures of her! New body, too? >w< And her hands are so elegant, I love those Elfdoll girl's pianist fingers. ^_~

      Very very cool, keep it up, Rainman!! I'll have to laugh if she does have a MySpace page. <3
    6. All I can say is...

      Come to Mama!!!!! :)

    7. oh, she's amazing, 99% perfect for one of my characters, i hope she's available as a standard edition and i can afford it XD
    8. She's very pretty! I really like tanned dolls, even if you can't ever modify them. I might have to get her! :D
    9. :/ If she was just two or three shades darker she would have looked an awful lot like me. I'd like to see a nice Southeast Asian honey caramel looking tan instead of mud brown or from-a-bottle-orange tans. *preens...looks around...coughs*

      Anyway, I'd like to see owner pictures first before saying if I like her or not.
    10. I think she's beautiful, but I'm awfully disappointed to see she's got a single piece torso. *sigh* I know that the large busted dolls had some balance/mobility issues, but with some sueding they were fantastic.

      I doubt they'll have a small busted, two part option, which is what I'd want from her.

      I wonder if she's "just tan", or "tan all the way through?" (dyed vs mixed)
    11. She is such a beautiful colour- so natural and realistic. I love her lips and natural face-up. She looks so alive!
    12. I think she has a wonderful color, about my shade, actually :D It looks very realistic, not *too* deep at all. Very beautiful girl, probably my new favorite Elfdoll gal! The one-piece torso is awesome, since I hate the look of joints in females ^^; Gorgeous, gorgeous doll! Elfdoll girls are some of the most beautiful sculpts :fangirl:
    13. Oh wow...she looks awesome! I just wish Rainman would make more expressive hands...

      Is it just me, or does she look a bit like Angelina Jolie? Especially that pic on their banner? :D
    14. Yeah, I think it's because she has Angelina Jolie lips.
    15. Well now my future sooah has competition in line for next doll.
      I hope the tan resin is good quality...
    16. Oh wow she looks great.
    17. :mwahaha Now this is the doll I have in mind to get if I want to change Sable's body and skin tone....and mastercard just gave me more credit too, that's not a good sign but oh well.
    18. Oh. . . . no. . . *_* I think she looks a lot like Ryung and I love the tan and the graceful fingers. I'm just not too crazy about the single piece torso. =/ I would definetly have to wait and find out from members on the board if there are any poseability issues.

      And I told myself no more SD sized girls. :doh :sweat *_*
    19. hmmm She looks a bit like Jennifer Lopez to me.Quite a lovely new girl from Rainman.I hope a new tan boy is in the works to go with this lovely girl:)!