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New Teenies Set from Soom

Apr 3, 2009

    1. Are they limited? I hope not~? Also, is the price for one doll or both?
    2. is it 250 for both?? i didnt see a drop down menu to select one or the other..
    3. At the bottom of the page, Soom has this info. Seems from this like the price is per doll.

      [FONT=¹ÙÅÁ]- Doll Type : Sweet[FONT=¹ÙÅÁ]/[/FONT][FONT=¹ÙÅÁ]Violet[/FONT][FONT=¹ÙÅÁ]/[/FONT][FONT=¹ÙÅÁ]Sweet[/FONT][FONT=¹ÙÅÁ] & [/FONT][FONT=¹ÙÅÁ]Violet[/FONT][FONT=¹ÙÅÁ][/FONT][/FONT]
      [FONT=¹ÙÅÁ]- Face up[FONT=¹ÙÅÁ] [/FONT][FONT=¹ÙÅÁ]: For one/For a Couple[/FONT][/FONT]
      [FONT=¹ÙÅÁ]- Body Painting :[FONT=¹ÙÅÁ] [/FONT][FONT=¹ÙÅÁ]For one/ For a Couple[/FONT][/FONT]
    4. Sweet and Violet are already in their standard lineup at $250 each, I am guessing that this is a limited faceup/outfit version and that the price is for one doll but they forgot to add the dropdown.
    5. The error was corrected. They are now 250$ each.
    6. They've added the menu to select both, but when you do it still shows up at $250 total. :sweat
    7. Not for me, but the points are still wrong. If anyone is planning on ordering both you should make sure you get 5 points.
    8. I asked Soom about this last time when Glot and Glati were out. (I bought both full sets and got only 3.5 points for the purchase). Soom said that they will fix it manually when they ship. I do not really trust this method.

      Thus I recommend those who want to purchase both dolls to make their orders for each doll separately so you can get the correct points from the get-go instead.
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