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New Tenshi at Tenshi no Sato: Yuri

Oct 12, 2005

    1. oh my, so sweet!

      this is a really good sign! maybe they will do the same for the City of Angeles opening? One can only hope. I know the LA store isn't Sato, but then it will be a special event for Volks here too.
    2. Meep! Another MSD Angel! >___<

      ...And she has to be available through a VIP at Sato. :crushed I'll never be able to get her!

      Here's hoping that when they have an opening party for LA Sumika... maybe they'll re-release Sakaki? (Fat chance. -_-) *coughnudgenudge*
    3. Gasp! Little Tsubaki is no longer the only MSD angel in town!

      Note how Yuri has the same standard girl right hand and optional left hand as Tsubaki.

      (I want a Yukiiiii...)
    5. Thank you for the heads-up, Elixir! ^_^

      Yuri looks so mature, oler than Tsubaki. Her sculpt reminds me a little of SD Mimi and Lady Sylvie. I can't wait to see more of her as she starts appearing on websites and Y!JA!
    6. He/She reminds me of Kurenai, actually. ^^
      I love Volks' angels! *______*
    7. She looks so much older than most MSDs though! <333
    8. Oooooh, different wings for Yuki! *wants*
    9. Slyvie + Mimi = :crushed

      Quick! Someone make YJ price guesses!!

      Oh..hello my pretty... *_*
    10. Hopefully this will being the secondary market price for Yuki down....hopefully :-).

    11. I know... (O_O) I will get a Yuri... a yuki would be nice to have too one day. :3