Limited Items [NEW] The release of 'Gloomy Yuria-Blueming' limited in quantity!

Nov 13, 2020

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      Hello, This is Littlemonica :D.

      Today, with the renewal of Yuria's official image, Gloomy Yuria has been released with a new concept.
      GLOOMY YURIA - Blueming product has a elegant and calm concept that fits the title of Blueming.
      It was released as a limited quantity product.
      (If the quantity is out of stock, it may be closed early and additional purchases will not be available at the time of closing, so please refer to this.)

      The costume was made as a collaboration product with VIVIYA, and they made it pretty according to the concept.

      VIVIYA -

      This limited quantity product can be purchased with wigs, shoes, costumes, and make-up, and the products not be sold separately.
      Please refer to it for purchase.

      Please note that Layaway is also available as this product is a high price for the full body.
      Also, This product will be sold at DOLK too.
      We look forward to have your interest and love for these wonderful products.

      Thank you.
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      Hello, This is Littlemonica. :D

      The official image of Harmony Girl 'Yuria' which was released in 2009, has been renewed.
      (There is no change in the head of the Yuria.)

      Please pay a lot of attention to Yuria, who came with an elegant and luxurious image.
      Face-up will be the same as the makeup before this renewal.

      The wigs, eyeballs, costumes, and shoes used in the shooting are are not available
      for sale separately, so all customers should take note of this.

      Thank you.
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