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New Tinies - "RSB" - Raurencio Studio Babies!

May 26, 2011

    1. May 2011 - Raurencio Studio has just released their new line-up of adorable Tinies! They are "RSB" or "Raurencio Studio Baby" dolls. Let's start chatting about them!






      [FONT=µ¸¿ò][FONT=µ¸¿ò][FONT=µ¸¿ò]eye size : 14mm[/FONT]
      [FONT=µ¸¿ò]wig size : 7 inch[/FONT]

      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]BODY SIZE[/FONT]​
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Height[/FONT][FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ](Including head) [/FONT] [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ] 26cm[/FONT]
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Girth of neck 6.3cm[/FONT]​
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Girth of Head 16cm (6.5inch)[/FONT]​
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Girth of chest 13cm[/FONT]​
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Girth of waist 12cm[/FONT]​
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Girth of hip 14.5cm[/FONT]​
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Width of shoulder include arm 6.5cm[/FONT]​
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Length from shoulder to elbow 4cm[/FONT]​
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Length from elbow to wrist 3.5cm[/FONT]​
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Length from navel to knee 8cm[/FONT]​
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Length from knee to sole of the foot 6cm[/FONT]​
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Width of shoulder include arm 3.8cm

      I LOVE the lips on Margaret and Robe! They are pretty tempting even though I don't have a current character to fit either one!
    2. They're cute, and a good price, but I will wait for the body pictures. Have you seen any photos of the gift head?

      Edit: I found her, she's on the main site.
    3. Margaret and Robe are very cute, but they remind me quiet a bit of Iplehouse BBs.
    4. Any pics of the body? They remind me of IP babies too... Cute little ones!!
    5. Oh wow! These are adorable!:aheartbea I am in absolute love with Robe:D The price is right. I'm also interested in seeing the body first before taking the plunge. Love that face though! That mouth is fantastic:D
    6. These little ones are sooo cute! It's too bad I don't collect tinies...... (For now ^^)
    7. D'awww, Lazune's face is precious!
    8. they are so gorgeous!!!
    9. My Raurencio Studio Babies arrived!

      Megumi (event head) and Margaret (I asked for freckles.)

    10. I adore Jay and Say but man oh man, I love love love the new littles Duru and Runa. I really don't know why these kids aren't more popular, they look awesome to me!
      If I had need of a tiny in my future, or several I really want to go with these; specifically Say and Duru! Such cute little boys! Those dinosaur suits are just precious too. I love dinosaurs so much!
    11. If the tinie's wigs are 7inch, what wig size is better? 6-7 or 7-8?
    12. I have just discovered these cuties.....and would love a Robe to play with my Iplehouse BIDs...
      can I get some opinions on the factory face-ups and the bodies (posability)...the faces are adorable...
    13. I can't comment on the factory face ups as I did my own face up and was trying to make her look as young as possible. I also have an iplehouse bid but am waiting for better weather (warmer) to do a face up. They are very similar in size. I think margaret has more of a baby face. I think the RS baby poses very well. I haven't played that much with my iplehouse bid as she just came. If you want I can try to do a comparison photo for you - Elin will just have a naked face.
    14. Dear Xiaoli.....
      I would love a comparison photo and your face-up is lovely.... she does look very poseable...... I have totally fallen in love with Robe/Margaret who I understand is the same sculpt.
      Thank you
    15. Shanyicolesmom - Here goes some comparisons - I tried to give you face shots and body shots over the next couple of posts.
      Two babies by Xiaoli2004, on Flickr
      Margaret is on the left and Elin is on the right. They are about the same size - I switched their clothing to show this.
      height comparison by Xiaoli2004, on Flickr
    16. Lastly two closeups of their faces. I love them both. Abigail (RS) is done to look like a baby. I think Elin's face is a little more mature.
      Abigail by Xiaoli2004, on Flickr

      iplehouse Elin by Xiaoli2004, on Flickr
      I hope that helps. I think they are both wonderful dolls but the RS studio margaret is the only one I found with a true baby face.
    17. Your little Margaret is darling! Can I ask how long it took to receive her?

      Thanks you!