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New tiny owner, need some input!

Apr 25, 2009

    1. Okay, so I just bought a Felixdoll Brownie and I need some help :sweat

      Its my first tiny and I'm really nervous! The only doll I have is a 58cm Dollfie Dream girl and I'm so scared for this tiny resin baby I'm bringing home!

      How are they strung? Can the magnets in them react badly with electronics, like cellphones and computers? Are they easily stained? Does 'bisque' skin yellow quickly, like french resin?

      Also, I'm trying hard to wrap my brain around their size, but I'd really just love to see one next to a ruler *_* Comparison to other tinies doesn't help me, seeing as I don't have any other tinies, and comparison to SDs is confusing because SDs vary so much.

      I'd also love to be pointed in the general direction of a waiting room so I have a place to bounce and panic appropriately :sweat

      Please help me out! :aheartbea
    2. I would say don't put them too close to electronics. I think the rule for magnets is like 3 inches (could be totally off)? Mine sticks to just about everything metal and even my other dolls >.<

      They are stung similar to most tinies. They don't have s-hooks like most teenies. They come with their elastic strung through their RFS parts but you can just tie them with string. If you decided to restring though you will need new elastic because Felix superglues their knots and you have to cut the string to unstring them.

      Bisque just refers to skin color like whiteskin and normal skin. Their other color is called Moccasin and as far as I know it is yellower. Neither are 'whiteskin' colored compared to other companies though.

      I'll take pictures next to a ruler and if you want I can unstring mines arms (the legs are pretty obvious how to string). Mine came with a faulty part so I had to mod her and didn't have extra string but now I do so I can fix her up :)
    3. That would be very helpful, thank you :)
    4. I can't find my ruler! I took a picture of my brownies with a kelly doll (tommy I think) though. Here it is:


      The regular, non French resin, will also yellow in the sun. I took mine camping, and I think my Bobbie (Bebe) (in the sexy black leather Marsh pants, lol,) looks more yellow than my newest girl, the Yoyo with purple/wine color hair. My Momo, Erika, is a moccasin, and is, i think, a bit too yellow after the camping trip, LOL, but we all had so much fun! It's hard to tell the difference, though, even now next to the window. Bobbie isn't that different from Yoyo. I do prefer the bisque though.

      Anyway, sorry I have no ruler, but I hope you're familiar with Kelly dolls (Barbie's little sister) They're only slightly larger (longer more substantial arms, and the legs are longer looking too, maybe the body is shorter?) Kelly/Tommy dolls are a great source of clothing!
    5. Don't panic, you will LOVE your new little one. They are easy to take around with you, clothes and wigs etc cost MUCH less than SD size and they cost less to feed ;) Only problem you will find is that they demand friends, lots of them...
    6. Note, I don't think Bobbie's feet are all the way inside the shoes, and that's what makes him look so tall! That and his hair.... LOL
    7. @Ingiebee;

      Ah I see n__n; I honestly don't think I own or have ever owned a kelly or comparatively sized doll.. so again the size comprehension is lost on me xD

      I'm glad to hear that its normal resin, that makes me much less worried :)

      Yes, what is it about tiny hair that just seems to be.. well, not tiny? :sweat Possibly compensating for lack of height with excess of hair volume?

      @kayjay; Yes, I imagine my tiny girl will become a repeat resident of my purse and will get far more exposure in a short time than my big girl would n__n; I already understand what you mean about them needing friends, I was so convinced I only needed one and not before the end of the same night, another little one was on my order receipt :sweat
    8. Two now? See!!!!!! For carrying, I use a (hard) case for glasses, I shopped around for a large one, and lined it with a little fleece blanket and my Puki Nessa fits in perfectly and she's completely protected.
    9. Not a Brownie, but Lati White Sp is only 1cm taller, so hopefully this will give you a better sense of size:

    10. @kayjay; Yeah, the tiny bug bites hard :sweat I can't keep myself away from the webpage, I keep thinking "just one more".. This can't be good xD

      I actually have this nifty 'fairy bubble' that's made of a hard, clear plastic that she'll most likely sit in either around the house or, if I can be sure its safe enough, when she travels with me. If not, I will probaby acquire a big glasses case as you did :)

      @clochette; That picture does help a bit o__o Still hard to get my doll's scale specifically as yours seems a little 'longer', thus its individual pieces aren't as chubby as my girls probably will be, but definately helpful overall, thank you n__n
    11. here's a quick pic of my Momo with a ruler.

    12. Sweetiemom: she is so cute!! thank you so much for posting this! can you flip the ruler for cm? *is metric*
    13. You can see from the ruler she is about 10cm :)
    14. She is 11 cm tall.
    15. Here's a guide for restringing arms. I'll do the legs later :)
    16. Ah, thank you so much! :) I think I'm less worried now and have moved to excited :aheartbea