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NEW TORSO PHOTOS: "Dandelion" - Final ordering for holidays thru November 6

Oct 10, 2008

    1. Hi everyone,
      I got these photos from Bimong today. They are the new Dandelion torso shots everyone wanted to see. As you can see, she is nicely articulated!

      Also, we have some special default Narae for sale for customizers.. these are "buy it now" dolls, in stock here at the studio.

      As a November special, we will refund any USA domestic shipping charge to you for any of these Naraes, who are ready to ship immediately.
      BUY ONE NOW HERE- limited quantity available

      And here are the new shots of Dandelion. -->Please order by November 6 to make the cut off for holiday shipment, direct from Korea.




      Dear Den of Angels.. a letter from Bimong of Narin Creative:

      Greetings from Bimong.

      I have been delaying releasing my new creation. Now I am more than glad to introduce to everybody my new creation which has been introduced in recent exhibition shows.

      The name of the doll is “Dandelion”.

      I personally feel a particular attachment to this new doll more than any other dolls I have created.

      The theme of the doll is “A girl waiting for her father”.

      She is a girl living in a ghetto area, who is being raised by a single father who is a manual laborer.
      I tried to create impression on her face that she’s worried about her father, waiting for him to come back home safely at the end of the day.

      The reason that I named her “Dandelion” is because of the particular characteristics that the flower has. Also, the word dandelion is pronounced as “mindlerae” in Korean, which rhymes with my earlier creation “Narae”.

      The flower dandelion is small and looks somewhat lonely.

      Its root grows deep into the barren soil. Only one flower is created from each seed.

      It might seem vulnerable but in fact, it has a very strong vitality.

      The concept of the doll is inspired by the nature of the dandelion. The girl may seem small and vulnerable but I wanted to create impression that she is waiting for the time when she becomes strong.
      I wanted to give her an oriental or Korean girl look by not adding double eyelids. Her hand gesture is well-matched with the her motion in which she is holding one end of her thin dress.

      The original design had a very sad look but I had to change it to a more mild look because I was afraid that it could give a negative impression.

      While Narin & Narae have a dreamy and fantastic feel to them, Dandelion has a very sentimental look which arouses sympathy from people who see her.

      However, I tried my best to leave some "space" so that painting artists or customers can create a totally different look (I tried to make her character not too bold).

      I always pursue diversity. Therefore the look of my work is not limited to one particular look but rather it can be transformed into many different look by a small touch of the people.

      It is my great pleasure to see my dolls being customized by other people.

      Thank you very much for reading my story.

      Many thanks to those who love and support my work.





      We have open ordering now through November 6, 2008 for Dandelion. This will be the LAST ordering period in time for holiday delivery, so please order early if you possibly can.

      Matte urethane resin; $460
      French resin $480

      Colors available:
      pinky white, golden beige, snow white and "oriental."
      Oriental resin color is seen in the photos below. It's pinky white with a touch of yellow, to become a more Asian-colored skin tone.

      Narin Team has a special facepainter who will paint your doll's face. We are asking them if there is any body painting available, and will relay that to you asap here.

      Dandelion comes in a pair of pretty panties, but no bra because she is too young. The dress below is not included.

      Knees: Dandelion's knees are the OLD STYLE knee joints.

      Waist Joint: Looks just like Narae's. We will be getting a couple pictures shortly to illustrate this. But she is a completely jointed girl, just like her bigger sister, Narae.

      Narin and Narae can continue to be ordered through October 20, at which time we will turn in orders for them along with Dandelion. Your Narin and Narae will also arrive in time for the holidays if you order now.

      Credit cards/ Paypal:
      We take Visa, Mastercard, Debit cards and also accept Paypal.
      Due to the short ordering period, we cannot accept any layaways for Dandelion at this time. We hope to in the future.

      (original post continues below with release announcement for Dandelion)

      Narin Creative and Dollfair International are pleased to offer you a chance to own a very special new doll sculpted by artist Bimong..


      Dandelion is very special to Bimong, and has been exhibited in many doll exhibits and galleries over the past couple years. She is a favorite of Bimong.. he thinks of her as his little daughter... and the favorite of many doll fans in Korea who come to see her at exhibitions. Dandelion is truly an art doll as well as a BJD.. she is exquisitely detailed with amazing emotion and meant to melt the hearts of all who see her.

      Size: she is 38cm, approximately 15"

      Price: approximately $480 US

      We will have more details next week including resin choices, painting, and other measurements. And she can be received in time for Christmas delivery... whoever gets this little girl will be very happy indeed these holidays.

      Available soon at www.dollfair.com

      And now, here is Dandelion....







    2. The translation from Narin's president just came with more info about Dandelion.

      I think you will enjoy seeing the measurements and her story. They will be sending me more info next week with your ordering options. Thanks to everyone for sending me such lovely emails about Dandelion!

      Here is the info:
      Height: 38 cm
      Circumference of head: 18.5 cm (that's 7.25 inches, which is bigger than Narae I think- C)
      Chest: 20 cm
      Waistline: 17 cm
      Hip: 21 cm
      Length of an arm: 13 cm
      Length of a leg: 16 cm
      Length from waist to feet: 22 cm
      Length of a foot: 5.5 cm

      Bimong’s motive of his new creation is a poor Asian girl who lives in ghetto, who lost her mother and is waiting for her father who is out to work.

      The skin color of the doll is a little more yellow than Narae’s pinky white. It is the typical skin color of Asian girls. The types of skin colors customers can order will be decided by early next week. (Edit: I'll pass that along to you guys, thanks for waiting patiently!- Catrina)

      The price of the Dandelion will be $480.

      --more coming soon!
    3. What are her knee joints like?
    4. I have written to Narin with that question. I am not sure if these are the new or old style knee joints.

      In any case, the new knee joints have been working just great.
    5. Will she be limited, or will she be part of the regular Narin line?
    6. At this time, I'm not sure if she will be limited or a regular edition. I will ask for you in my next Korean letter to them.

      Thanks for your question!
    7. Funny how my questions keep getting deleted...!
      But I'd like to know if she's got a jointed waist?

      Thank you!
    8. Yes, she has a jointed waist... all of Bimong's dolls do. I don't have pics of her without clothing though.
    9. We received more information today, which allows us to open orders now.

      Please let us know if you have any further questions. We are in daily contact with Narin Korea to assure all questions can be answered quicklyl.
      Thank you and we appreciate your interest in this beautiful work of art from Bimong!

    10. Thanks Catrina. There are a lot of options available. Is it possible to just state something like facial painting and colors as shown? Also, will this be limited?
    11. Oops, forgot to also ask, what will she be wearing? Does she come in the dress or will clothes be available for her?
    12. Yes, Narin Creative always tries very hard to make more and more options available for their dolls... every single doll is made for each person individually. Putting orders together is very difficult, due to all the options!

      Yes, please use the Narin Team order form on our site to state the colors you wish to have on your Dandelion. Here is the link:

      Please don't use the Narae and Narin faces, because a different team of artists will be working on Dandelion. Her facepainting will be more delicate, I have heard.

      I am not sure if Dandelion will be limited, but Narin Creative can only make a small number of dolls each year due to the size of their studio.

      Dandelion will come in a set of panties, rather than a dress. There was no time to have the clothing made, and of course she's too young for a bra just yet!

      Thank you for your questions
    13. Would it be possible to ask Mr Bimong for a picture of her body without clothes please?
    14. Thanks for all of the information Catrina.:) I'll have to take a close look at all of the face-ups for coloring.

      Another question, with random eyes and wigs, I'm concerned that Dandelion won't look oriental; i.e., could she come as a blond blue eyed girl? That's something I definitely wouldn't want.:...( Can you explain the random eyes and wigs?:roll:

    15. We will ask them for another photo.

      And I believe the wig and eyes combinations will remain oriental... just perhaps not the exact same length, etc.

      I'll do more checking for you! Thanks for your questions.
    16. Bump for final day alert.. we will take orders through tonight, and wire the order to Korea tomorrow.

      Thanks for your love of this little girl!

    17. New ordering information, and a personal letter to DOA from artist Bimong (scroll back up to first post, please, to read my friend Bimong's letter to you!).

      Thank you DOA!
    18. Hi Catrina ^^

      I already have a supia Yisol and I'm sure Dandelion would be perfect next to her!! ^o^

      I would like to know if Dandelion's head will be available without the body please?

      Thanks a lot ^^
    19. At this time, Bimong is only releasing the full doll. I think he feels this is a work of art, and I am pretty sure he will not ever release just her head. Many artists have this viewpoint about their work.

      Thanks for your interest.. and we are happy you have Yisol too!