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New Tsukasa Release???

Oct 13, 2005

    1. Ok, just got back from the Volks Website. The front pic announces the date for the opening in LA and the Autumn Fair and has the picture of a doll on it. It looks strikingly like Tsukasa to me. Is this just Tsukasa in Autumn Fair clothes or is it possible they're rereleasing him (or just releasing someone like him) for the LA opening???
    2. I think it's probably just that they used a Tsukasa on the banner itself as an attention-getter. If you click on the banner, it takes to you a page announcing:

      "The Presentation of New Dress Collection, "SD Autumn Fair" in October"

      and there are pix scrolling down of lots of previously released limiteds (Isao, Tsukasa, Shirou) modeling the new clothing line. So I think they just used lots of limiteds to model the clothes that will be released. :daisy

    3. They usually use LEs to showcase their new clothing lines.

      As previous information would have it, the Los Angeles limited will be a new doll. We'll have to wait and see! I'm excited, too.

      Tsukasa is a Tokyo Boy so he would probably be a Tokyo Dolpa re-release (if they EVER re-released him).
    4. They used that limited as a model for one of the new wigs they are releasing, which just happens to be the same picture they used for the change in advertising banner.
    5. Ooohh... ok. I didn't even think about it being a wig release. I just didn't see the shirt anywhere so I was wondering. I kinda doubted they were rereleasing him, but I wanted a few other opinions. I've never noticed them using Shirou or Tsukasa to model things before, though they do use limiteds often enough. I wasn't even sure if it WAS Tsukasa, but it certainly looks like him. Anyways, I just wanted to see what everyone else thought since it hadn't been mentioned in any of the other news topics.