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New type Tiny Fairy, Kyle & Olive(Comming Soon)

Sep 24, 2005

    1. An announcement in Blue Fairy says new Tiny Fairy, Kyle/Olive will be released.
      BF said their image will be uploaded on 26th in their Korean homepage,
      and you can buy them after 29th 17:00.

      Hope to see them sooner!
    2. That's the same day BlueFairy Int opens, maybe they'll also be available on the Int. site immeadiately too?
    3. How exciting! Can't wait to see them! :grin: :grin:

      P.S. Do you have a link to the announcement? Thanks!
    4. Oooooo! I can't wait to see what they're like. :daisy
    5. Oh, no... I'll fall in love all over again. :cry:
    6. I do not want a BlueFairy doll, I do not want a BlueFairy doll, I ... oh, fuck. They'd better not be pretty. :oops:
    7. Oh looking forward to it.

      I am hoping for a more detailed nose and lip shape. More detail in general.
    8. I second Meep... if there's a new one that i love... "oh fuck"
    9. AHHH! Everyone is realising new dolls! SO MEAN! XD
    10. Oh, how exciting! Olive and Kyle, eh? :D
    11. Aiiiiii I can't wait to see them!! I'm a huge Tiny Fairy fan!

    12. KYLE has JEREMIAH BLUE's mouth!! that's jerome's mouth! and olive looks like a female Denis to me... interesting! they are both pretty but I'm relieved, lol, I'm not dyin'...
    13. Aw, server overloaded. I wanna see him!
    14. i got the same message when I tried to just go to bluefairyint site but when I clicked on each link in the post above mine, I was able to see...
    15. I'm relieved too... They are beautiful but didn't caught my heart like Emilie or Sarang did.
      I thought the same thing for Kyle. He's like a Dreaming Jerome. O.o
    16. I registered to the site just now, but I'm confused about something I saw on the site.

      They're only accepting wire transfer, no Paypal? ;O;

      [ I think Kyle is so cute! Sleepy Jerome -- he looks even more melancholy than usual. x3; ]
    17. Are you sure it's not just like eLuts, where it says "wire transfer" but you can actually pay via PayPal once you get further into the order process? =o_o=?
    18. Ahh, that's true. There's no way of knowing for sure until the site can take orders, I guess. @_@;