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New unidoll Tiny!!!

Nov 29, 2006

    1. http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=101311

      Such a beautiful-looking boy - cannot wait to see more! unidoll.com is an incredible company - certainly top-notch in customer service, resin, sculpts and especially face-up artistry! This little guy is going to be amazing!

      I'm sorry that several lovely comments on unidoll's post were lost in the ether this morning - please feel free to discuss this wee cupid here! :aheartbea
    2. :D When will they release him and what will the price be? I hope he comes with the outfit and wig too, how cute!
    3. He is absolutely ethereal. Amazing detail. *wipes up drool*
    4. Ohhh no . . . I LOVE Unidoll. I want one of their 60cm dolls so badly, but I've convinced myself he just wouldn't fit with my other dolls and is slightly out of my price range. So now they go and make tinies . . . which will probably be more affordable for me and fit in perfectly here.
      I love him, but I can't wait to see what other tinies they will come out with. Maybe a tiny UH-08? 8D
    5. unidolls are awesome their quality is amazing, they truely are works of art, i will really considder this little guy!
    6. OMG! That face! I'm a gonner...:aheartbea
    7. So. Cute! *_* Must have more information...

      *Waits patiently for more information*
    8. isnt he gorgeous
      mutters No No No No No No

      I hope he is arround for a while ..I want him :(
      I love Unidoll too
      I always knew if they released a tiny I would be doomed
      (And Dollstown - DAMN I hope they dont do that to me either LOL 0
    9. tinybear, you're placing yourself in jeapordy! You know the companies read these boards! Right now Dollstown is doubtless plotting to separate you from the money you don't really have by offering you a beautiful tiny!! ;)

      Can't wait for more info on this little sweetie. :aheartbea
    10. hehehe
      Id better wave hello to them then LOL

      I hope my Hubby gets a Job soon :(

      I have to plot who I want to buy next year LOL
    11. He's beautiful...I hope he looks just like the promo pic.
    12. Wow, he is really something. With that gorgeous pout, he does look a little like a Dollstown Ganga...
    13. Exactly, toydogz4! And I'm such a sucker for Dollstown Ganga... I have her on my wishlist, and now I want this little guy to be her little brother or something like that.
    14. If the wings are attached on the back by magnet that would be great! Lovely little angel ^__^
    15. Any word yet on their release date and price? Hoping it is after Christmas--trying not to be too selfish right now.
    16. The image pulls up blank for me. >< I think Unidoll has blocked my IP set.

      *added: Yeah, they have. And my anonymizer renders their site as empty. -_-
    17. Hello Eidolon Tree~

      Our site don't block any IP set

      I think there is problem between our site and you

      If you can't see our site and photo till now, Please send me a email

      My email address is duplife@unidoll.com
    18. Both tinyUni's are beautiful, but Dede is so darling--what a sweetheart! So very tempting. UNidoll does a marvelous job.
      If you guys are getting a blank page, try refeshing it. Strange, but it works for me.
    19. Oh dear I love the new photo
    20. So Sweet!! I love them both!!!
      Unidoll is just amazing.