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New unisex sculpt "Javi" from the artist who created Hyul

Feb 23, 2008

    1. [​IMG]

      [Edit] Javi is now available at 4D: (http://vier4d.com) Price is $140, order goes from March 15 - March 23.

      He's so beautiful! :D It looks like the order period is already over. I can't read korean (I just used an online translation program to auto-translate), so I cannot tell whether that was the only release or whether Javi will be available again in the future. It is also possible that he will be sold via the 4D site like Hyul was, which would be lovely since I desperately want him and 4D's site has english instructions. Any information on this would be much appreciated. :)

      Official site (with lots of photos + even a cool video): http://sweetsosweet.com
      Detailed info (with body/eye fit, blank sculpt photos, order info): http://sweetsosweet.com/080102_siesta_o.htm
    2. the website : vier4d.com
    3. Does anyone read Korean and know how we could order this doll?
    4. Sadly, the order date is done. It started from Feb. 13th through Feb. 20th. Although, in the end it does say that it is sold not by limited quantity but by limited time. Meaning, every head is being made by the number of orders.

      As for whether it'll return to be sold again, there are no words on that. @__@;;

      [Edit] Reading the main page, it seems he/she temparily closed down to focus on making the dolls. He/She might return in summer or fall.
    5. 4D is going to be selling Javi as a head ''soon'' according to their email, but no particular date has been set yet
    6. Doogi told me "The "Javi" Head will be released at next week on 4D web site."
      In an email I received on the 5th. :)
    7. does anyone know how much he is?
    8. Javi is 120,000 KRW, so I guess it will be around 130 USD from 4D
    9. How about the skin types?
      Does the NS match CP LUTS delf? Or Volks NS?
      And how about White skin?
    10. It says
      {CUSTOM HOUSE AI 신바디 노멀스킨}
      Which is
      Custom house AI New body normal skin ^^

      Hope it helped you~

    11. And for the body, from top to bottom
      {SERENDIPITY 14yr Boy Body Normal Skin}
      Head is lighter than the body. able to check it from the picture above
      The neck seems short when you look from the front
      but it matches better w/ Javi than 鷸 [Hyul] and 鷸 [hyul,SH].

      {LUTS Delf Boy Body white skin}
      The body in the picture was produced in late 2007 and is version 2.
      It has compatibility w/ VOLKS pure white w/o many color difference.
      It seems like it has many differences because of the face-up tone (It's pink tone).
      But actually it's has less difference if you look w/ your eyes
      it has less color difference than the white skin that was produced on Jan, 2008

      But for Delf normal skin, body with redish color has many differences.

      {CUSTOM HOUSE AI new body normal skin}
      AI new body is the renewed body in 2007 and it's little different from the old body.
      The body in the picture was produced in late 2007
      Body is little radish than the head
      but overall balance is not unnatural
      If you could cover the skin difference by face up, you'll be able to use this body.

      VOLKS BODIESThe Volks bodies are all pure skin type and the SD9 boy body is Kikyoo body, and Girl's SD9 body is anais body

      Hypermaniac 14 yr old body is renewal body

      Hope it helped ^^;
      my English is not that good... so it might be hard to understand some parts ^^;;;
    12. What is a 'renewal body'? Such as in the Hyper Maniac description
    13. Hyper Maniac produced renewal version of dolls in 2006 or 2007;
      I don't know the exact differences... Sorry...