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New Urethane Eye Studio - Makoeyes having 2 for 1 Launching Event

Oct 28, 2011

    1. New urethane eye company has launched and they are offering 2 for 1 event until Nov 11th

      here is the link


      12mm Eyes are AVAILABLE from now. (Nov 3rd) :)

    2. Nice eyes. Only the size selection is very limited. Far too big for my boy, who takes 8-10 mm eyes.

      Is there any chance in the future to change this?
    3. Yes, they are planning to make 8mm - 10mm eyes in December.
    4. Are there any photos of the eyes inside a doll?
    5. In regards to the 2-for-1 promotion, is there any limit - is it only good for 1 free set per purchase, or could someone buy 5 and get 5 free, for example?
    6. We will take more shots as soon as possible....Thanks for your kind interest
    7. No there is no limit for that. if you buy 5, then you will get 5 for free. :)
    8. Are there any pictures of the side-view of the eyes to get a better sense of their overall shape?
    9. Do you get to choose the free set of eyes or do you just get a pair of identical eyes to the ones you bought?
    10. Per their promotion page, just need to write down the item name and size for the free pair in COMMENT box when you check out.
      Since they offer all size the same price, I do not think the free pairs has to be the same size as your order.
    11. If you go to the site and look at the "Makoeyes news page" with the event, they have a picture of a bunch of eyes in the banner, which kind of helps.
    12. I had a problem when I ordered two pair of eyes. When I was checking out it looked like I couldn't pay with PayPal but had to use credit card. But when I clicked the credit card button I got to PayPal. So everything was fine.

      I did get confused though and cancled my order at first and tried again. Just letting people know there's no reason to worry. :)

    13. Is there a discussion thread for these eyes/company? I just ordered two pairs (two pairs free also).
    14. I have a bit of a strange question. Is the Korean website up yet? I tried clicking on the link and it didn't work. Can I place an order on the other website?
    15. We just finished a batch of shooting today. so, there are some pictures - eyes in a doll - updated at some pages. And also, we uploaded them into our 'Gallery' Section. :)

    16. Sorry for now, we do not have a site, Please contact us via email.