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New Uyoo - Quite Rabbit

Aug 12, 2006

    1. I don't think anyone else has mentioned this.... (If they have, please delete)

      I was browsing the Soom site (as I've been doing, obsessively, for the past few days...UYOO WILL BE MINE) and noticed that there's a new Uyoo up on the Mini Gem page.

      Uyoo - Quite Rabbit!

      She is totally not what I was thinking of for the character of my Uyoo, but GOSH, she sure is cute... :aheartbea
    2. Wow, I was just surfing the Soom website yesterday and I didn't see her then.

      I really like her gothic-punk outfit. Very cool. Is she a limited edition or not?
    3. I don't see anything listed about her being limited edition and the other "special" Uyoo outfits don't seem to be limited either, so I would guess not. :aheartbea